Raid finder has destroyed this game


A LOT of people I know don’t do other stuff while signed up for rf. They stand in one spot and wait endlessly for it to pop. Some weeks of RF can take 2 hours because of wiping and such.

So I feel like you’re being a tiny bit hypocritical in saying that people who farm RF do it because they dont have the time to wait for pug/guild PvE because they’ll gladly stand there and wait and do nothing but troll global.


Maybe, but I meant in general terms based on my experiences with pug v RF. It can be a wait sometimes for an RF but my experience is over all pugs are longer. To be a hypocrite would suggest I do nothing while waiting for RF and in truth I usually am busy with something until it pops. I rarely even do RF now days anyway, so again it was my opinion on the general topic. Feel free to disagree but please don’t call me a hypocrite for voicing my opinion and experiences


My opinion doesnt change. You may do stuff while waiting, but many, many do not. And you spoke as if everyone were like you, which is why I stated what I did.

I will offer you an apology since YOU do stuff while waiting.


I do respect your view and I accept there is some validity to it. Well met and slay well :grinning:


On a side note, I think that the t4 tokens should be only offered in the weekly purple box, with shards being a chance in both purple and blue boxes as they already are.

You can buy yourself a set of full t3 gear on the item store and many consider t3 largely outdated these days so I see no point in removing t3 tokens. Not to mention you can trade your t2 and lower tokens into t3.

Additionally, seeing shards added in small batches to all tiers of raids as well as unchained/godslayer mode dungeons would create some popping of content that doesnt get ran much cough Ai District cough

This way, casual PvErs who wish to farm RF can still farm it, as well as PvPers who would rather get their 1 raid out of the way and go back to their PvP. People who want to do PvE outside of RF have an alt option to earn shards for rings, and people who want to learn instances have a chance to see/learn while having a carrot dangled in front of them.

But part of why RF was created was because of the growing number of Casual PvErs. People who were in guilds that struggled to do t1 and t2 raids. People who were in social/casual guilds who couldnt raid at all.

In a scenario where shards are added to actual raids and such, with RF being kept for THOSE people, seems to be a win win.


The world boss is far more disruptive to the game than rf ever could be. Where is the complaining about that?


There was, there was, there was already a lot, infact WB as RF are the evil of this game and should be deleted forever from AoC; anycase RF is a lot more disruptive, WB dont gear people (if not with any crap accessories and weapons T3 equivalent) and are only 1 week for month, RF are a constant and continuous plague!


Even though I share the point of view that RF ruined khitai and other parts of the game, Its safe to say that RF is here to stay, saying it should be deleted instead of coming with constructive ideas to make the situation better alongside RF is waste of time.

At the moment you could say that Age of Conan is the basegame + raidfinder. The only expansion the game released was sacrificed when RF was introduced. One way to make khitai relevant again is finding a way to gain raidfinder tokens trough dungeons or/and khitai factionquests. I would suggest reducing RF weekly reward from 50 to 40. And give 10 from completing a weekly random khitai/dragonspine dungeon. Or completing 3 factionquests if you like playing solo. This would make dungeons more active, without killing off the RF ques.


Costructive critic was already done, “should be deleted” is only my personal opinion.
What i think can be done for save game is remove relics IV and III from blue chests of RF; add shards in HM, Raids, PvP and low khitai item prices!


Well now that people have the gear already, what they could do is remove the t4 tokens from RF, distribute shard gaining on dungeons, mini games etc

and revert the nerfs in raids that they received for no reason.
The problem I see now days in games is that, instead of people adapting and learning to play game, they whine and cry that they want it to be easier, or they want pay their way to the top. Which is just disgusting.
The good old times when doing t3-t4 was actually decently hard, now these raids can just be 6 man done
Maybe not literary but people should get the point :roll_eyes:


There was and is plenty of about it, with most of it being 4 years ago. Or so.


Where exactly do we turn t2 relics for t3?


The Requilary in OT.


I’ve been subbed to AoC since 2008 and I still don’t qualify as EXPerienced for any T4 and up Raid and I rarely use VOIP. RF was my first viewing of any of those dungeons, even after 10 years, and I am a very competent player.

I think they made the normal difficulty of the Raids too high for a game that does not supply and recommend using it’s own in-game VOIP. If you need VOIP to complete these Raids it creates a barrier and an artificially high level of difficulty that is not handled by the assets the game gives it’s players. Hence, the need for Raidfinder.

To those of you who disdain Raidfinder I want you to stop requiring prior EXP from potential Raid members. Instead just develop a method of delivering some simple instructions about what those players need to do. Seriously, most players know how to operate their Class spells and combos by T3, they just need to know the mechanics of certain boss battles in a new Raid. It’s not Rocket Science, and players at this level are not noobs.


VOIPs are not a barrier of entry. They may be for you, but not for community at large. Higher end raids require VOIP, because it is the most efficient way of communicating. They cant dumb down the raids just because some people have an aversion to VOIPs.

I mean most of the time, you don’t even have to have a mic. Just join and listen for instruction.


Pve guilds also use timed scripts to tell them what to do and when without the need to communicate since nothing will ever change in these encounters, or funcom usually adds big shiny particles in case you could miss something, VOIP has to be needed for keeping people awake or for listening to that drunk person more interesting than the raid itself. ^^


Every other MMO I know needs VOIP in certain dungeons / raid if there is none in game, I never played World of Warcraft but in that game people have been using TS since the early beginnings, it was never a problem there and it’s still used a lot, even though the Blizzard Launcher nowdays comes with a VOIP program.
Also, using TS is probably the easiest way to gain EXP, they can explain the mechanics more in detail and you don’t need to write all day long, I really don’t see the downsides of it.


My issue with VOIP is that I need to have installed Discord, TS3, Vent 3, and Vent 4. If it was just 2, then ok. Also, I had a hard time finding a download for TS3 that both the webpage and the download didn’t set off my virus protection.


TS never gave me a virus, Discord does not need an installed version as far as I know, they give you a link and you can join them through the browser. Never used Vent though.
But then again, all these programs combined probably take up only 300 MB… that’s almost nothing.


Using VOIP and reading up mechanics befor you join a raid is what YOU add to the raid to make it go smoothly. If you expect raid leaders to do all the work for you, make scripts for you and create a game experience for you you will never see a real raid.
Playing AoC for 10 years and not being able to raid T4 means you have never spoken to anyone who could have taught you mechanics, strats and your classes. That is not the fault of the game or the community. It is just not true that there were and are no raids that require no exp - in the raid instance! Exp with your class and certain gear is needed from T3 on. There is literally not one raid leader I ever met in AoC who would not explain strats in his/her raids. There are already methods developed to deliver instructions: VOIP, strats are on the internet. In fact it is not rocket science to learn strats and prepare your character befor you enter a raid.

Btw - RF did not teach people strats or how to play their class. To a few people, maybe, to people who would have learned the game anyway because they pay attention, and ask other people.