Raid finder has destroyed this game


Imo, RF is just a way to keep you into the game by giving you something to farm in the long time.

Personally, i’m one of those who tries to complete the round on monday to get the weekly atlantean shards, and if i have to change something, i would make some encounters shorter, so that we can finish them sooner.


Moriala, it seems you just want to keep newer players from having the same rings as you because you grinded “x” amount of time for them.

no one ever said give them gear, we are simply stating atlantean shards be given for other instances too… thus increasing other content being ran.

Oh, and for the love of god it’s pace not pase. :slight_smile:


okay lets flip the switch, it sounds like you wanna cut the line and skip the work other had to endure. And for the record, I dont even have fully decked rings on my main.

if you read my post, you would know Im one of the ppl arguing towards alternative ways of gaining shards too. Im saying its not smart to increase the pace you get them. Cos it also increases the pace of adding new redicoulus rewards to it, making more and more content obsolete. You seem to think gear is the roadblock for new players to enter higher tier raids, realitycheck; its not.


just think about it, the casual player won’t be able to complete all 3 Raidtiers in a week on a regular basis, it takes quite a lot of time, especially when you dont have time all day and dont have a pro raidcommunity at hand.

If you have to rely on pugs, it’s not garantueed too kill all of the bosses, so you might get an ID but not a lot of shards out of it. You can’t repeat them within a week and a full T1 should be worth more than RF lootpiniata where you get T4 + 75 tokens for free.

with 5 Tokens per boss, i wouldn’t even consider looking for 6-10 peeps to do T1, because it’s not worth the time.

Also i got 12 Toons on which i farm/farmed RF for the rings. I wouldn’t be able to clear T1 12 times a week. I still got a life outside of AoC and already 3 evenings are reserved for T6 and T5 in AoC.

RF makes it possible to get 75 each week on everyone of them. It’s far to slow.


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What do you mean its too slow? There is no content in the game with difficulty that matches the strenth of the RF rings. And what will Funcom do when they see most of the players have fully decked out rings, they will add something else, the whole point with RF is that its a neverending story, thus, increasing the token-gains, will only increase the pace of adding new rewards, it wont get you faster to the end, cos there is no end.


1350 + 1350 + 4x 1050 = 2700 + 4200 = 6900 for 1 set of Rings and Gems.
6900/75= 92 weeks of RF
we are not even talking about a second set of rings right now. So if you dont miss too many weeks, you need nearly 2 years just to finish your first set in the worst case.
That is what i mean it is to slow. That’s why i would prefer an option to get a load of shards for 1 toon each week via raids and i think 15-25 each boss is not too much for time invested.

WB was already stupid, because you needed to kill 1 boss each month but had to wait 1 year for the first cloak.

It’s boring stupid grind. Instead of adding more loot to RF, they should give us T2 Unchained as T7 or something like that. Nerf T5 and T6 for the casuals, so everyone has something new to farm.


you keep saying funcom will have to add something stronger than rings? huh? Why?

Even if you halved the prices it’d still take forever to have alts with rings.


because people will just not join rf anymore when they got their pair of rings !


A lot of times game gives stuff earlier. Had often 50 and sometimes 200 shards from daily or login boxes and a lot of times you get 8 shards extra. I play the game for 2y now. And I did not know or understand RF first 3 months so i skipped it. I have now 4 rings on my main and 3 of them with all gems.


Yeah, but there are not Double Shard events anymore. The Login with extra shards does not come up on a regular basis and is only good to boost 1 toon, you also just got the 4 Rings on your ONE and ONLY Main!.

I got 12 toons, everyone of them now has 2 Rings at least and nearly all of them are fully gemed. But i already got my 12 Toons since dunno 2012 or something like that. Someone with a new toon, does not get the bonus shards we got. Also I at least would like to have the dmg rings and the defensive rings on my toons. But as it is stupid and boring grind with stupid randoms, i stopped doing RF on most of my chars after i finished my first ringset.

Most of the players left, because there is no content beyond T6 and the RF is just bullsh*t for them. Being bunched up with a lot of randoms, where half of them can’t carry their own weight or are even trolling, isn’t fun.

If it wouldn’t be for RF to get shards and progress would be faster on getting those rings and gems, i’d like to have 10++ rings on my toons, just to use different chaos gem/ring combinations.

But now RF is a pain in the ■■■ and i don’t even consider getting more out of it then a set of 2 rings for each class, except for my DT.


Being FORCED to do RF is the worst fracking thing in this game. Please give us another way to obtain the shards. There have been many great suggestions in this thread, and many others in the past. Please use them!


Nobody is forced to do RF and why do you need the rings? They certainly are not required to do higher tiered raiding!


To be competative in pvp


That makes no sense. They are the best rings in the game. You don’t need them for high end content tru, but if I’m spending time playing this game, why the hell not go after the best stuff. It is unfortunate that the best stuff is locked behind a poorly thought out and quite frankly boring content.

Im not asking for an easier way to get these rings, just an alternative. Honestly, I would love for RF to go away completely, but that is not happening, so I ask for a compromise.


T5 gear is not that much better than T4 but still would like to do the T5 for the fun of it.


In most cases t5 is far worse than t4…


Dat T5 conq greatsword though…


It takes more time to get those items from the RF than from the instance itself, do me a favour stop whining. The RF is the only thing that keeps the game alive and in facts it is the most used feature this game has now.


That doesn’t mean it’s not bad content. The game was just fine and perfectly alive with pug 6mans and raids before RF was added. Just because new players are lazy to try the old stuff it doesn’t mean RF is great or is the only thing that keeps the game alive. A lot of people still log on for the weekly raids or PvP.