Raid in pve in my base

I am completely discouraged, I just had my base destroyed in pve mode, I registered the information in the records in photos, but I don’t know if it will have an effect to make an appeal here, two players destroyed the foundations according to the record! is there anything i can do?

Hello Andi,

First of all, I’m sorry this happened. There are a number of ways this could have occurred, but I’d like to ask a question first so the community can hopefully point you in the right direction.

First, what, exactly, does your event log say about the incident?

maybe you didn’t log in a week?
buildings have an abandonment timer, usually is 1week long, if another player find an abandoned building they can interact with it and demolish it and loot whatever they can from the bags.


Check whether the PvE server has Purge and/or Decay switched on. In both of these cases bases, even on damage-restricted PvE servers, base damage is possible. Also, as I warn players on my PvE server, be carefule what tier building materials you are using. For example, if Purge is active, and you have built a lot of your base with Tier-1 Sandstone, then area-damage by big beasties will wipe the foundations out fast. Once any foundations disappear, everything relying on that will disappear.
Check with the server Admin.

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