Raid my builds!

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server: peace of the chill stone

Finished the great mountain monastery. I am inviting anyone to come and raid, loot, treb my builds. each build will have loot in closed wooden boxes or open chests. Any simple wooden doors or insulated wood doors may be destroyed. Some builds will be more difficult than others and it may take more than one to get to the good stuff.

more are in the works.


Vanir village is ripe with mats. one armor set, weapons. teir 4 bench thrall.

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take a treb to this castle. loots inside.


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I would aproach the first with the jumping glitch from a high tower and make my way from top to bottom.

For the second I would kite a small horde of wight (glow skeletons) and let them take care of the thrall army, climb a wall and be a kite-target for the wights to crumble the building…

The last one as a solo player would be more difficult, it’s in an area without much creatures to play with…so i would run to it, drop a bag, run back until thralls loose aggro then yog it, so even that the base is intact all placeble would be destroied and all items will teleport to the first bag in range (my earlier bag)

Just pointing out the game is utterly broken, no hard feelings.

Love your builds, great style.

I don’t think the yog glitch works outside of single player

I didn’t mean that, I meant nuking the building with the yog god, it will leave walls and blocks still standing and just damaged, but thralls, benches and placebles will most likely be destroied. Maybe they fixed it or work around it, don’t know…
But try the god in single player and see, hopefully i’m wrong, but that would make yog completely useless.

ek, lol, well you have figured out all the angles as far as exploiting glitches. the builds are not made to be super difficult. more or less laid out like the existing dungeons as far as npc spread and so on. and are meant to be played like a dungeon, but with explosives and fire. because its fun. I do try to make it challenging but at the same time perfectly “doable”.

However, I do appreciate you pointing those things out. nothing I can do about it but hope that those that do play, p[lay for the fun and immersion rather than the win.

the castle there you see with all the thralls was my test siege. I wanted to see how many i could kill by lobbing stones at them. and well it was quite a few.

I truly wish it wasn’t like that, I would really like this game again if it wasn’t so glitchy.