Raid times: 00:00 vs 24:00

I’m hoping that someone who knows the answer can help me out here. I’ve been looking at the server browser, specifically at the raid time configuration for different servers.

Does anyone know whether there’s a difference between 00:00 and 24:00? Here are two examples:


In the image below, will the raid time on Friday last 24 hours, or will it be non-existent?

Like I said, I’m hoping that someone will know rather than speculate, so I don’t have to try to test this out somehow.

party pooper. :frowning: All I have is speculation. @Multigun ? @biggcane55 ?

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I don’t mind speculation at all, but I’m hoping someone will save me the trouble of trying to figure this out myself. :smiley:

oh well if that’s the case, raid time is at midnight for 29 seconds :wink:

Oh, and while we’re tagging people who might know about this, let’s tag in @Taemien too :slight_smile:

Looks like a 24 hour period. Though I haven’t played with raid times personally, usually play with 24/7 raid times.


i believe they are the same, but just a better way to display the 24 full hours.

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If you put it at 00:00 to 00:00, then there is only raid time for 1 minute before it ends. If you put it 00:00 to 24:00, you are putting it for the full 24 hours.

00:00 is for the start of the day, 24:00 is for the end of the day.


I’m sure your referring to what that means in the settings, but actually, 24:00hrs doesn’t exist. 23:59:59, the end of a day, turns to 00:00hrs, the start of a new day.

00:00hrs: 12:00AM (Midnight)
12:00hrs: 12:00PM (Midday)

Can’t have two 12:00AMs in a day cycle.


I know it doesn’t exist, but I also know that Conan Exiles allows you to configure that value. See the screenshots above. That’s the reason why I’m asking about it :smiley:

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All good mate, I did edit that right after I posted it. :+1:t2:

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This reminds me of ‘Indices start at zero!’
(Which they definitely do btw)

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