Raided outside of raid hours. How to report the cheaters?


I need to report cheaters on a PS4 official server. We were raided after raid hours. They used bombs to destroy our structures when they should not have been able to damage structures at all. We have videos to prove it. It was at about 1am central time. I can’t find anywhere to report outright cheating. I don’t believe it’s an exploit or bug. Please direct me in the right direction. It’s official server 3593.


i am in official server 3600 and have also been raided during non raid hours. i also have screen shots of who did it as well as them admitting to it. this ruins the game… massive structure damage was done using bombs. they left a couple bombs behind, that’s how i figured out who did it! i logged off at 11pm PST. raid hours are 2-8 PST. logged on next day and everything but vaults was destroyed or stolen. Ive seen other post about same BS… please fix!!! Also it does not show up on event log.


You can report it under the exploit page in the forums just search for it and it will come up. I will tell you this from what I’ve read not much will be done I’ve reported it and also read the grievance forums and it looks like nothing will be done about these knuckleheads the server one number past mine is running rampant with non raid hours raiding they even teach each other it’s crazy


There is a patch for it in the pc test live so when pet taming comes to console’s,we will be get a fix to stop raids happening after raid hours are done.


I did report it there. I have not received any kind of response so far. It’s too late for us now, though. They wiped us. I’m sure they were using a dupe glitch too since they have no problems raiding us outside of raid hours.


This exploit still out there and then nerfing vaults is a brilliant work of thought i haven’t been seeing elsewhere in the last 25 years of gaming.


Is this bug still working since the update? I have not tested it, but if it is, that’s so much crap.


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