Raided While Funcom Authentication Servers Were Down

So yesterday while funcom decided to take Sunday off and have no one on call…I didn’t get chance to pack up my base properly and get ready for raid times.

Normally I leave thralls out, things cooking and most important I left the draw bridge down which makes accessing my bases super easy to raid. Before raid time kicks in I login and make sure everything is secure.

But yesterday thanks to these authentication servers anyone who wasn’t already online couldn’t get online. And on this day a new clan joined the server. Farmed the supply creates making it super easy to put together some bombs.

Now this was a major flaw by Funcom if they didnt want to fix the issue they should have closed the online servers completely not leaving clans to have free rein of the server completely f***ing everything I had.

…Today is a learning day for Funcom

What supply crates are you referring to? I was under the impression that the khitan traders were gone as of age of war?

Nope you can still buy everything they just removed the caravans if you go to the place you exchange the blood crystals (something spire) you’ll find traders there.

I know you can still turn in coins but there’s nowhere to get the coins anymore. Sorcerer skulls have nowhere to be turned in. Not sure how this new clan got an abundance of coins unless they joined and managed to farm the new dungeon for magi crates straight away which is an impressive feat in itself. Sounds like they may have received a little help….

The situation sucks regardless :tired_face:

Not so impressive. Pretty standard for PvP players.

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Farm special rocknoses/golems for blood crystals ->buy with them suply cache at spire ->open caches for obulus , demon blood, steelfire, base etc…
U still may buy even dalinsia there

You farm the blood rocknoses to get the blood crystal toe exchange for the coins

Ahh ok I haven’t gone to the spire since the update.

Because of those crates me and my clan were set up in a fully fortified T3 base, complete with thralls, armor, weapons, chests full of mats and dp in 48 hrs.

It used to take weeks to get to that point…

We’re now bubble ready.

It’s nuts.


you can also infinitely harvest bloodstone without never needing to go into the dungeon by crafting stone golems, 25 or so to create as I recall and harvest up to 230 odd, stone and consolidant the only side resources.

Bash em with a star metal mace takes under a minute.

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