💣 Raiders Paradise 18+ PVP/RP -- 10x leveling, starter kits, events, discord/party chat

Looking for all classes and members for all territories. Eastern Highland UNCLAIMED!


  • 10x XP to remove compulsion to level-grind
  • 2.5x immersive harvesting
  • Integrated economy + roleplay
  • Tough NPCs & monsters
  • Longer days, shorter nights
  • Avatar summoning enabled
  • No offline raiding
  • PVP always, everywhere
  • Equipment drop on death
  • Body remains in-world on logout
  • Looming threat of purge
  • Buildings decay over time

Raiders Paradise calls to those that yearn for power, influence, and the chance to prove one’s self. A new RP/PVP server which proudly embraces fierce clan politics, the art of battle, and a vibrant community where every person’s actions matter. Featuring an integrated economy with auctions, bounties, betting, and full-blown merchantry. Also, monthly dungeon events and trials keep the gameplay fresh and interesting!

Our settings and rules are designed to sharpen the danger of the land and create an experience that encourages players to work together towards shared ambitions. Drop on death is active, PVP is constant, buildings decay, harvesting and crafting are slow, and NPCs/monsters are no laughing matter. The roleplay is casual, we understand that the best storytelling comes when individuals are able to naturally interact with the world they are thrust into. Build influence and amass a pile of gold unrivaled by all others. Find your place and conquer the land.

Do glorious battle & raid your heart out!

whats the ip?

The IP address for the server is ( if you are still interested!

We are growing rapidly and we are celebrating a Bounty Festival this Thanksgiving weekend, where harvesting has been bumped up to 5x and you’ll have a chance to will an awesome haul for your clan. :slight_smile: