Raidforall opened bot

Raidforall went to summertime for 42. Usual other raids (12m, Pand, APF, etc) are still offered every other days depending on each RL availability.
See you soon in Raidforall :wink:

ATTENTION : Raidforall will try to pop Tchu this thursday around 20:00 GMT ; so please farm whatever needed for inf-boot & pande-hhab ASAP :wink:

If anyone wants to do DB quest on some toon please say it on our request channel in discord.

According to our RL team availability, we offer rotating raids every day. When enough RLs (3 or +) & raiders (30ish) we may attempt 42 ; if little less we do easier raid (pand, apf or 12m, eg) ; and if even less we go for team instances by block of 6 (1 RL + 5 raiders) as in Poh, Sub, Totw , DB, etc. It’s also possible to request some specific things (Tchu, DBQuest, Biodome, etc) on our Discord request channel.

Hey all, now summer is gone we hope the population to raise a little and will retry attempting 42 at least on sundays (unsure about fridays yet).
Out of this, we’ll keep on offering usual rotating raids, instances forming and anything else asked on our request channel.
So see you soon ingame :slight_smile:

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BEWARE : we’ll soon try to attempt a Tchu pop within this week … so start to prepare your infboots/hhab items to be traded and stay tuned in raidforall :wink:

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** Raidforall’s 3rd birthday incoming 18th january **

That now means over 1K days of activity, over 2k raids accomplished, over 8k members joined !

As every year to celebrate, we’ll reward !top players/raiders of the YEAR that will be able to claim 1 prize.
Usual attribution order going as raider>leader of rank 1, then same of rank 2, etc … until all phatz are gone !
Regarding this, lucky winners will soon get contacted ingame and/or discord and/or this forums.

Here comes our 2024 prizes list :

Distributed prizes :
1x Sealed Phasefront Loungemaster → Voxas
1x Set of Hhab+Infboot → Tradiax
1x Mist filled jar → Miggins
1x GRACE → Fixer01
1x Set of ERU+VLRD+DGRV → Vanisha
1x Set of 2x Nippy JS → Nickierv
1x Set of DB armor → Jasemyn
1x Kyr’ozch Storage box → Concision
1x Grid Armor MK1 disc → Topsheal
1x Carlo nano → Mazon

  • Raffled the 18th january :
    Dandevon (Riwhen), Sooll (Nano Xan Ncus), Zuulnt (Cloudy)
    Theologia (Alpha), Miniselex (Beta), Superbuggy (Infuser)
    Speedygrid (Infuser), Ilovedio (Arithmetic), Dictatormemo (Supple)

So please be patient with us while we’re sorting/contacting winners during this week :wink:
Have a nice 2024 year, hoping to see you soon in our next raids !

I would like you to give me my account already to participate, I paid on the first of the month and after 9 days it is frozen

Your issue has no link with this thread : we’re a raid bot ran by players.

So you’d better try to contact Funcom Support about your account.
May be try their email and/or discord ?

Here we cannot help you more.

Our 3rd birthday prize distribution is reaching its end.
Last wave of winning raiders/leaders have been contacted.
All unwon prizes will be raffled this 18th january around EU evening.