Raiding base in non-PvP time with NPCs that use Demon-fire Orb

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: All

There is an urgent issue, that players can raid bases in non-PvP time using neutral NPCs that use Demon-fire Orb as weapon (e.g. Treasure Seaker).
This issue is critical because now base is not safe even in non-pvp time and can be destroyed by anyone

This bug is regularly used by clan ‘The Purge’ on official server 3223

Scenario to reproduce:
Initial conditions:

  • Non-PvP time (from 00:00 to 18:00 on official servers)
  1. Taunt NPC that use Demon-fire Orb as weapon (e.g. Treasure Seaker)
  2. Bring it to another player’s base
  3. Stay near the another player’s building when Treasure Seaker attacks you with Demon-fire Orb
    Problem: Treasure Seaker attacks you with Demon-fire Orb. You and nearest building are hurt by Orb.
    After some iterations player’s building is destroyed

Dear Administration, will you do anything with this glitch?
Clan The Purge use this issue everyday with impunity



Buenas tardes , me encanta que la gente se preocupe por el juego es genial,pero pienso que si esto sucede significa que los creadores del juego o las personas que se encargan de que todo esto marche encondiciones lo hayan puesto a proposito. Que no es asi , pues nada perfecto que lo arreglen , pero pienso que conan exiles tiene muchos bug y muchos glich de los cuales mucha gente y tu incluido seguramente te beneficies de ellos y solo se postea los que interesan .Eso si que me parece mal , al igual de culpar a la gente de algo que el juego te permite , peor es el caso de atravesar rocas que lleva mucho tiempo y no se arregla ,eso si que es algo malo para el juego.atentamente un compañero de conan.

Hello @Zandman, thank you for getting in touch!

Our team has been aware of this and has been looking at ways to prevent or minimize it, apologies for the frustration.

The clan Sons of Liberty are using also this metod of non pvp hour raid on 3169

The Tribe ‚Los TPM Warriors‘ on official server 3169 is also using this bug:

Interesting, but to clarify, is this a violation of any PvE-C rules?

People kite bosses all the time to bases to destroy your thralls. I was under the impression that while this sucks it is a valid play in the game?

Heya, it’s not exactly a violation as it has been used as means to clean up abandoned structures and thralls, as well as foundation spam placed as griefing. Using it to bypass the non-PvP timer is, of course, not ideal, so we hope to find a way of preventing this further down the road.

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That is cool, we have a lot of structures where the user has not logged for months and their stuff is not decaying. Thralls of former players never seem to decay either. Lots of those all over the map. I really wish these issues were addressed. There is a shack near my base that is blocking a huge build of mine. I don’t want to have to resort to this kind of thing to clean it up but I may try.

Our map has foundation SPAM EVERYWHERE like I mean everywhere. People have put foundaitions all over the place for no apparent reason and there’s no way to know who dropped them or if they should be decaying or what. Would liek some clarity on that from Funcom. I play on one of their PVE-C srvers in the Americas region.

Thralls decay if the owners do not log in for a period of time, and the “foundation spam” is usually done to extend the area claim as well as to prevent others from building in that area.

Ahhh well thats another instance of the funny ‘let thralls blow up sth’ exploit. There are some more cases where dmg to structures can be done outside of raidtime, all based on having an NPC or thrall execute the dmg.

Ironic that you post this while using exploits by yourself as team RussiaMaffia

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What server do u mean? We have multiple teams on multiple servers

Hey @Hugo

Any update about that ? It’s been 2 months that exploit exist and nothing has been done.

Hey @AgasEmperor, the issue is still being looked into by the developers, apologies for the inconvenience.

Get used to it, will save you headache.

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It’s not a bug. It’s not an exploit. It’s just smart play. Just one or two decent thralls guarding outside of raiding hours counters this no problem at all.

Your one or two thralls will be killed with bosses.

PS. There is also a way to make your thrall non-attackable;-) They will just stay and don’t attack

Still not a bug. Bosses = more high tier thralls. There is in game solutions to these problems other than nerfs and salty forum posts.