Raiding cheat glitch


Just to be clear, i hopped on Reddit for a few minutes earlier just to figure out what the hell happened, and found a world of exploits that would ruin the game. Like item duping, glitching through unclimbable structures, the whole nine yards


Omg that sucks. How are getting through walls? Also how are they able to use bombs too?


No bombs being used, just general theft lol


They definitely use bombs. They harvest the material during raid hours and attack when everyone gets off. The repair hammer shows the remaining structures have taken massive damage


They patched this glitch in test live ive saw,so hopefully wont happen agian when that comes to console’s cause that just a big wtf.


Absolutely aweful. I’ve stuck through everything with this game. I’ve been on multiple servers. I finally made it to the top and we had an awesome mostly peaceful server, everyone trying to hold out for new content. We’ve put in hundreds of hours and supported this game through everything, even with everyone else leaving. Then everything gets destroyed in one weekend and I don’t even get a response from Funcom.


Trust me if I’m leaving, this game is screwed. No one has tolerated as much BS as I’ve been through


What’s worse is that clan they are evil people. They think they’re good but they’re terrible people and they talk so much crap. When I was in party chat they couldn’t stop using the"N" word every two seconds. And they are rewarded and allowed to just keep doing it


They prolly got in legit. You can climb rediculous heights and build up soooo high you can jump into high up bases. It’s just the state of the game right now


They did to multiple clams and bases that were many layers deep. They were able to use bombs after raid hours. It doesn’t show up in event log.


Really sorry this was used against you. We are aware of the off-time raiding exploit and have it partially addressed on TestLive and are currently working hard to address the additional options for this to happen. It’s our highest priority to fix exploits as fast as we can.

I just wanted to confirm that we are on the case.


Thank you! That’s great news! What can we do in the meantime? We’ve lost almost everything and can’t play


Spam Vaults, (lot’s of, maybe even more) underwater preferred, keep most of them empty, only use a handful and you’re set.

Put your stuff in those when you go offline, so they only can destroy your base a bit which is not cost efficent at all. If they start destroying your vaults, just build more, they will stop soon enough.


That’s great advice thanks. My original plan was similar, to outfarm them. We’ve lost too many players though. Everyone is jumping server


Others have reported vaults randomly despawning within the first 24 hours of placement… I think on solo games as well as multi player so not due to this exploit raiding
… if you decide to vault spam I’d advise a) checking decay timer with repair hammers and b) leaving all empty for at least 24 hours (ie after several relogs and at least one server restart) and continue to check decay with repair hammer
C) distribute your goods between many vaults so if you lose one to random disappearances or players unethical behaviour you don’t lose all of one resource…


Hey, look at the bright side of it, at least your materials and gear are in the hands of someone that will use them…in Conan Exiles normally stuff simply disappear instead (sarcasm).


Build a platform with t3 foundations 7x7 underwather and place your vault… Done


In the official server 3113 pvp the same thing happened to us.
a person arrives and says that he will throw us all away from the server.
in 5 days we are all without base.
tim linderman / diabol easy.
and keeps destroying bases from within.


Can they at least ban the tribes that are doing this? Do we can get back to normal. My server basically died after we revived it to 20+ players. Apparently this clan had been here a long time ago and did the same thing. I’ve been updating everyone on the server in a group chat the responses from here