RAIDS, Server Transfers and finding my enemies

I enjoy the server transfers. It’s a neat option to freshen the play experience but gives raiders an unfair advantage to transfer to a server gather resources for two days then raid on the third day and then transfer and… You’re not likely to find them… Ever.


Let us use our god altars to petition/divine the server that our raid enemies are on.

We provide unfulfilled desires/hearts etc etc. Whatever the heathen God demands and we are given a history list of players that have attacked our base(s).

If we are given a history list a clan cannot have someone come in behind them to cover their tracks in the case that only the last attacker and their new server is listed.

The PvP can continue and server transfers cannot be used as a means to mask a clan or player.


I thought PVP had a 7 day cool down when transfering.

I play on PvP and I’ve transferred at 3 days.

Well heck… Why am I waiting around :star_struck:

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