Raidtime on 17:00 but Server by hacked they atack you on 16.51!

Server 1212 is Hacked, they can atack your building al the time.
Come in in Closed doors.

This game… how can Play this game about this?

They Raid on 16:00 !!! WTF

Official servers are are where you can cheat officially. Just wait offline for a couple weeks and the cheaters will get tired and move on then you can start over. The typical response time by Funcom is currently 6+ weeks.

Realy Nice… :((( This game is unplayed.

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They Raid us Today 16:00 uhr… WTF Raidtime is 17:00 official.
I was on Work, now we lose soo many. Al time is destroyed.
PLZ Ban al this Cheaters.

This isn’t the place to report this,

Have you actually gone ahead to report them to Funcom with the screenshots provided? Because posting this here will not get a ticket created or the cheater reported. You need to follow the proper method to report people.

Also this is why many of us play on unofficial servers because admins are usually much more active and will stop this kind of behavior, on officials it usually takes long if anything happens at all.

Isn’t 1212 located in Russia, hence the different time zone for the server? They are at least one hour ahead of Germany. 16:00 German Time would be 17:00 in Moscow.


1212 server hosted in Russia raid time for this server 16h/22h for Eu players

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