Raising baby animals

What game exactly are you playing?

yes, perspective. Good that you try look at negative things with a positive view. you really deserve credit for that, i’m serious.
One question though: how about issues with thralls AI during the last few months, didn’t you have any of them?
Because when your gameplay is heavily centred on combat thralls and purge, then you feel like it’s a gamebreaking bug because there is just nothing to do in the game anymore beside that. And yeah i’m talking here mainly about late game.
Personnally i’m not that “extreme” and i just call hit a very “serious issue” and i always find other things to do in conan exiles but, not everyone.
so i don’t blame players who are saying “i have a game breaking bug” as you said it’s a matter of perspective and also if this special bug is a thing in your game or not.

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Well. Spiders will be the same like hyenas. And as every animal is supposed to be able to come with different versions… You get what I mean?

I guess the camel is the favorite for traders to sell them…

And when people are going on about game breaking bugs…
I hope the next testlive events will require maxlevel in a certain period - which then should be more than 12 hours as well. (Probably 72 hours or more.) Then certain bugs are more likely to be found.
At least starmetal-spawning-bug simply couldnt get hold of as people wanted to be fair and let other join the servers after hitting lvl 25. This could be done in like 30-60 minutes - thus I guess no one was really looking out for that stuff. Instead, people were searching for thralls. (If those were truly fixed in Seperemu.)

However, the situation of that call to arms event was completely different. As they only had a low amount of time until they had to decide to push it out or not.

I do not, but I wipe my single player game often, and have had no corruption. I only leave that file alone when each patch initially comes out (going from Live to new testlive) to see what disappears. I use the admin console liberally to check stat changes and save time in certain areas as well.

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I can get behind all this, @Shadoza. I also have a different take. Since I try and test for not only bugs but playstyle issues, I have to keep in account playability when switching between TL and Live. Truthfully, I’ll never expose work product to vagaries of testlive, or versioning, so every iteration gets a separate .db backup made, to a dated folder.

That said, I have maintained my Kraft Shop (single-player and 50-seat private server), without issues, through every version of TL and Live. The only time there was a problem, my saves were inaccessible for 4 days due to a fatal error. That was only one Single Player savegame, but it put my Kraft Shop out of business for about a week. Production and all that. :slight_smile:

Also, I maintain a very large (but human-empty) server that was very graciously populated by a group of technical college students. The server was cloned and it is run in two different ways: Live, and TestLive. The first server will get switched to TL when it’s available. It has never been a problem.

Finally, if you have a second gaming rig I suggest maintaining it in TestLive. Otherwise, you should look into creating a TestLive steam folder so that you can easily switch between the two. I know you’re technically capable of it, and don’t want to hijack yer thread, bub.

Taming is going to be really neat. I have a sheep, who we bottle-fed from Day 1 when momma split, so I’m very interested in camelids. Honestly, some of the creature characterizations currently in the game are so good, and so spot-on – I reckon someone out there at Funcom is a zoologist :wink: – it will probably be a joy to play with them.

I saw a croc baby yesterday and tried to pick it up. I mean seriously? How can folks not be geeked about this?! :pogchamp:

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I’m back with answers to some of the questions you guys posted in the thread:

  • What use will we have for dung?
    • Watch this space, more information to come
  • Can you place out pets like you can thralls, or are they forced to follow you?
    • Yes! Pets work exactly like thralls. You place them and them command them to follow or to stop. Could have made that clearer in the text
  • Will we be able to pen multiple kinds of animals in the same pen, like penning jaguars and jungle birds in the same pen?
    • Yes! You can have multiple kinds of animals in the same pen, but some animals are restricted to higher tier pens. The highest tier pen can hold all animals
    • There will only be five slots per pen, though!
  • Another question about pens: will we be able to upgrade a pen from one tier to another, like upgrading a building piece, or will we have to tear it down and build over, like a wheel of pain?
    • Unfortunately not. Currently we don’t support upgrading of “Machines”, which is why the Wheel of Pain has to be torn down and replaced.
  • Once we have placed a pet in the world to follow us … can we later pick him/her up to return them to our inventory and then to the cage?
    • No. Once you choose to pull an animal out of your pen it can’t be put back into it. Like the thralls, your pets will have inventories, which means you can’t return them back to your inventory after you’ve placed them.
  • Are we adding in more animals down the line or is the current list "set"?
    • We’re not ruling it out.
  • I’m also curious if there would be a way to make the animals stronger? Thralls you can put armour on, would there be something similar for animals? Or a leveling system besides the raising, they mentioned striped hyena, greater hyena etc.
    • There is no way to make your pet stronger in this first iteration, but maybe down the line if we’re able to do it.

Oh dear… So they exactly do not work, like thralls?


I seem to have been a monster for having asked if we could feed cubs to our pets… :joy:

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Got most of my questions answered. Hopefully I can get my one remaining answered during the livestream: how big are the pens? Roughly how many foundation blocks on a side?

indeed, how could you :rofl: !!! those very cute little creatures are demanding only 1 thing: PROTECTION
But we mightt be ones of the very few non barbarian players to play conan exiles

I have not had any issues with my two thralls. They behave as expected.

I did write a statement acknowledging the errors. I was asked how I could be excited for the new content and simply stated since I haven’t see the numerous errors being reported. I am enjoying the game, so I am looking forward to new content.


ok fair enough, what i have learned with conan exiles is that we might not all have the same issues and some have problems which others don’t have. But i admit i am a bit surpised you have been having 0 issue with your thralls though. i wish you that it remains so.

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  • I am playing Conan: Exiles (Also playing FFXV but not as much as Exiles)
  • I play mostly solo/co-op mode but sometimes I run solo on official NA server
  • When I play on official servers, I have a low ping
  • Sometimes, I play co-op with a friend as the host
  • I play mostly on PC
  • My PC is not a gaming rig, but it was built to carry heavy graphic and processing loads
  • My average play time is about 120 minutes
  • On average, I play about three times during the week
  • I play from levels 0 -60, then usually reset my character and start again with new ideas and plans
  • I restart with a new game after about three play-throughs to clear the map of structures
  • I normally start a new game (server reset) after major/large patches to be certain patches are applied properly
  • I do not use mods
  • I game for entertainment so if I am not enjoying the play, I stop playing
  • I do not look for bugs when playing for fun

The reason I do not see the bugs/glitches may be one, many, or all of these points. I am not claiming that there are no bugs/glitches, only that I am not seeing them. I am able to enjoy the game so I look forward to new content. Raising baby animals is one of the features I have been waiting for so I am excited to see it coming.


Could it be because I have only two? Perhaps the thrall issue arrives when there are many in a small area? I have one combat thrall, the other is inside a building modeling armor for “customers.” The thrall that attacks and defends is standing on the terrain without any structure pieces under or close to it. This might be a reason there are no issues as well.

I hope they can add in another option to the radial menu of thralls and pets, to make them passive or aggressive. It would be nice to have visitors on a pvp server and not have my tiger try and eat their toes.


yeah i was wondering the same and i’m not sure, it could maybe play a role in that matter indeed.
But it is true that all my guarded bases have at least 25-30 thralls in the same area.

It is not like if they are 100% bugged, sometimes they work and during all my last sessions when i was building my current work in progress base, my groups of 3 hatchet throwers were working great. but i can’t forget last time i got purged, 2 weeks ago, how they all stopped doing anything once the second wave of the purge started (only archers were acting, fighters were useless which was kinda weird since normally it is the other way around from my experience).

i will try to not add any new defender to my current work in progress base and will see how my 4 groups of 3 hatchets throwers are doing during the next purge. if they are doing fine for the whole purge thing, then it could be indeed a clue that the more thralls you have in the same area the buggier it can be…will see.

yes, let’s hope ! or you may get sick on the still turning rhino. :rofl:

But to be honnest, i’m realy impatient to try them out, and have some nice pets, looking especially at the cats and wolves.


This is where you and I are similar. I don’t have the best rig. It’s new Ryzen, but with embedded GPU and cheap memory so it could be way better. It could use install of ssd also, but I am a poor MF. I average 40-45 fps smooth, but can drop down to 24. Even when it does drop it is still smooth though. I also have started a new SP game with every major patch (renaming the old save folder, but haven’t revisited them yet). I have only recently (June 20) started playing online on a server I rented. I’m the only one using it so far so it’s pretty much a SP game.
This leads me to believe, as I have stated before, that the issues are with long term database usage. Now I will admit that I have zero game development experience so I don’t know how all this works but my limited programming experience points me in that direction. I also understand that not all chipsets are the same and programs will behave differently across the many different configurations out there. This whole thing is strange and really stinks because this is a great game and I wish everyone could be having the great experience many people are enjoying.


From listening to the streams it seems that you can buy camels from the merchants. And camels have no weight limit only slot limit. Only one animal can follow you at one time so no panther armies following you. Pens are going to be pretty big, at least 6 foundations long. I am not sure if there is friendly fire with animals because if there is then having one follow you means you will murder it pretty quickly. Very interesting is the Rhino that you can take with you. No elephants.

There will be no riding for now he said. Maybe in the future.

In my opinion, I think the pens should based on level, higher level can build advanced pens to tame bigger animal, so for beginning, you can only tame easy animal like spider or cocodiles.

I hope the taming system won’t make the game similar to ARK, like everyone place their BIG creatures everywhere