Random Building Bug

I cannot place walls or roofs or anything at specific spots. It’s like placing walls to a usual place on a foundation, but randomly it does not work. It’s always the same spot then. This happend for me and my clan friends since day one of conan, but it is still not fixed. The problem is you cannot complete buildings because further on in time, especialy when you extend your base you cannot build specific spots anymore, realy anoying. Hope you fix that too, would be great.

If anyone has a solution or had the same problem, please let me hear from you.

Now reloading the server did fine for me right now,…

I occasionally see this as well. It’s not as bad as it was a year ago, but it’s still there.
Sometimes if I place a wall or foundation near the affected spot, it will then allow me to build there.
Relogging sometimes works too.

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