Random building pieces destabilizing(days later)

On September 11, last Friday there was an event which would not let myself and others join or rejoin an official server and during this event random building pieces destabilized for no apparent reason, specifically T3 ceiling pieces. In my case I only lost a single ceiling piece, no huge loss but still it had been in place for months now and I can’t understand why it just destabilized at random after so long.

In the other case, some friends had a tree house base in north jungle wherein they had several ceiling pieces destabilize Which resulted in a pretty big loss for them. They lost benches, crafting thralls, chests and their contents. Again the pieces had been in place for a while and there’s no apparent explanation as to why it all destabilized at random like that.

In both instances the pieces are in the central part of our main bases so it’s not from lack of being rendered or refreshed on a regular basis.

Does anyone have an explanation? And the real question is will this be an ongoing problem?

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