Random disconnect, 2023 still an issue

It’s been around, for years. The random disconnections.

They are strange, mysterious and difficult to understand.
But after yesterday, I’m sure that the current player position ON the site combined with the objects around you have something to do with it.

Started on a new server and am currently busy farming world bosses.
Crocodiles, rhinos and scorpions (BOSS CREATURES!) are so the typical candidates when it comes to the character in the boss stuck.

Especially with the crocodile and rhino it happened suspiciously often that the connection to the server was abruptly interrupted.
I’m stuck in the rhino, press my WASD keys, dodge, jump and can’t get out of the rhino. Then: Bang server connection disconnected.

Same with my crocodile. The little animal jumps around, charges at its victims over longer distances. Whooop my character glitches past the crocodile or partly even stands on it. Here, too, the server connection is interrupted.

It happens not always, but often when large creatures fight in areas where they fight on trees, stones or otherwise uneven areas. And again and again it is noticeable that the collision (YES the collision query) with your own character totally degenerates into a desync disaster.

Small addendum. Do not confuse with: ALWAYS happens, there were also fights that ran smoothly and nothing happened.

It is just WHEN the connection was interrupted very noticeable that this always happened in battle with a larger opponent or while simply again everything was not working synchronously.

Sometimes I think that it might be better if the savegame is downloaded from the server locally to the own PC to synchronize instead of the server “streams” everything to our client.

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