Random Foundations no decay?

So on a official PVE server I find random single
Foundation blocks sticking out of the ground far away from the main base. Sure we see it all the time.
But those single foundations have the same decay timer as their main base. How can this be?

Possible Under meshing?

If you build a line of foundations 10 units long from your base, then remove the first 9, the last foundation is still sharing decay and reset timers with the base it was snapped to. Even just building very close will pickup the larger decay timer.

Wow. Talk about a sneaky way to land claim…

It may not be undermeshing, but it is still violating the rules and can be reported.

Combined with undermeshing, it can be impossible to see and report. There are too many ways to ruin CE for others. Too many players using these types of exploits.

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