Random kicks from private server

Yesterday our private server was having some weird issues. Strange visual lag, game freezes and players being kicked mostly. When I checked the logs, I saw “BattleEye” a lot on the same lines as “terminated”. I’m far from being an expert on reading those server logs, but I’m fairly certian BattleEye has someing to do with it.

Just wondering if anyone else is having any issues related to BattleEye, and if so how to fix it.

Is BattleEye even necessary on private servers?


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I dont use battle eye on my private servers but I don’t just let anyone on, so its up to the private server admin. There is a checkbox on the dedi server launcher and I assume it can be disabled in the ini for the server settings, and on steam there is a non-battleeye download of the game when you install. For me, since I know everyone on my servers (and they respond to any threat I may make!) I have battle eye and vac disabled so there are two fewer points of failure.


OK, maybe I’ll try and disable it to see if the issues disappear or not. We’re had quite a few new people join lately, but so far they seem to be on the up-and-up. If not, I have an admin prison they can visit :wink:

Thanks for the input!


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