Random musings on stuff to improve the game

Not griping, just offering suggestions and constructive feedback

1: Lobby Queue. This one has been beaten to death, nothing more to say

2: land claims. Maybe allow players to build a flag that can only have one active at a time (like a bedroll). Bases without flags have 0 decay time left and will either deteriorate or can be destroyed. This could take care of all the foundation spam and abandoned sandstone cube forts littering the pve and pvec servers.

3: trade mechanism: maybe have a trader thrall or merchant stall station or something. You could set items, quantities, and what you’re willing to barter for it.

4: maintenance and sorting: man, sorting stuff, especially in the aftermath of a raid where you have an odd assortment of stuff, eats up time. It’d be nice if you had a bearer thrall that just walked around putting stuff in labeled/tagged chests. I don’t know, just thinking.

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The maintenance thing would be nice.

If you could apply a tag to your chests, and then just dump your loot onto a thrall and he auto-sorts it. Not sure if they are capable of doing something like this, however.

Yeah, even if you could link a chest to a station that just dumps things into them after completing crafting, that would be awesome. I’m part of a biggish clan that operates more like a hippie commune, and things stay organized for like a day before becoming a mess again.

Also, thrall fight pits like out of the old Arnold movie. Put two thrall combatants in, put your wagers in, viola, one thrall gets beaten down, winner gets to take the spoils

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