Random Perk Adjustments For Thralls

After looking into the perks, I like the idea of random perks. It has the potential to make units more specialized. While it’s good on the surface however, there should be an eligibility system that keeps perks that obviously counteract each other from showing up. For example, in Firespark’s video he had a thrall that had “Universal Warrior,” “Assassin,” and “Near-Sighted.” In this scenario, the negative accuracy from NS almost completely negated the buffs to it from the other perks. I think to minimize this, certain perks should either enable or prevent/lower the chance of getting another. Nearsighted shouldn’t show up if a thrall already has Archer and Assassin, likewise the reverse would help reduce warriors being better at bows than melee weapons. Hybrids are okay in my opinion, but perks directly counteracting each other is questionable.

Next I think added more perks that cause specific adjustments would be nice to have in the base game. For example, a thrall could get a perk that increases their bleeding/poison damage by a percentage, or increase how quickly they stack it. Others could restrict it to just one handed weapons while getting buffed in other stats. This would allow more variances in builds and give each thrall a role.


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