Random restart of servers? BUg?

I play in #8010. Daily restart of the server is (as usual ) around 5:00 AM (Europe server). BUt last days there is a random restart daily. SOmetimes at the mornig , other at night. There’s no way to go to a dungeon if you have the chance of a random restart with you inside.

Is this normal? It’s a bug?


Did the restart happen after a small hotfix patch? Or just a random restart? There has been a few hotfixes since June 2nd like one just happened about less than an hour ago.

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Maybe you’re right but…is there anyway to know when those small hotfixes are going to be done?

Last 3 or 4 days I have a random restart in my event list. Are they all about hotfixes? Idon’t know.

Thank you for the answer

Hard to say, since they were trying to fix a major issue of crashes / game freezes, etc. Probably, we will not see another hotfix in a while since it appears they fixed the issues.

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hahaha… did you see? one or two daily restarts since we talk about. There’s no way to planify nothing…:frowning:

I don’t think it has anything to do with hotfixes, maybe it is totally random glitches that cause it since I hear it happens on a lot of servers.
I play on official Siptah EU PVE 6455, it is not a crowded server although there are some gigantic structures that take up several map tiles, mostly made by players from Asia, but I don’t they are the cause for the many crashes.

Pve ps 8080 random restart as well. I check log fist couple times it happened and log confirmed server restart.

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