Random Suggestions

-Weather Events Past Desert area such as ; snow storm, volcano fallout, thunder/rain, fog

-Locust Swarm

-Replace “Kick” with a more forward jumping kick or something more useful such as - “Special attack”

-More collectibles such as random figurines, trophies, rare pottery to be found at random in dungeons


-Chemical Warfare

-Helmet Displays

-Armor Displays

-Since no Sorcery something that fits the idea such as religion based hexes, blessings, curses, prayers, chants etc

-Days/Weeks/Months with randomized events occurring per day/week/month such as dungeon curses, weather events, holiday events

-An extra layer of customization to all weapons, armors and shields such as - Imbue Alchemical effects with fire, ice, poison or Sigils that empower gear with visible effect on item (high lvl)

-constant changing Added layer of Dungeon gameplay with “Dungeon Conditions” that occur randomly such as - Frenzy (Enemies attack faster), Hate (Enemies do mare damage) Cinder - (Enemies cause fire dmg)

-New Content that requires a ship/canoe/boat to travel and explore with lots of islands

-More Content Packs designed around other cultures - Medieval, Viking, Irish/Scottish, African, Native American, India etc

-Server wide Boss events

-Falling Meteors with enemies that emerge from the crashed meteor

-End game lvl progression past 60 that involves more than just earning experience and is much harder to earn.

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