Random thought. would be cool if

Wouldn’t it be awesome for a sorcerer spell to conceal your base to the surroundings just thought I’d throw that out there lol. Wonder what you guys think would that be cool?

It would be cool, but I’m not sure how that would work… Making all the pieces invisible doesn’t seem feasible. Maybe a sort of a mist? And even that wouldn’t be easy…

Any time effects are added, it causes major lag to the server… so highly unlikely that will work.

All I can think of is the Brotherhood of Nod disruption tower from Command and Conquer

Would be, however game “Invisibility” is quite subjective.

I cast invisibility and sure the NPCs are oblivious but you are literally shining so for PVP, it actually makes it worse.

So undera PVE setting, the base invisibility would only have benefit to purges (which is still a valued concept). I can see it as a T3 spell that targets the site location. It would make it immune to purge targeting and last for 48 hours. So you can actually go around and tailor where you want your purge to hit.

Until PVP invisibility gets redone so that you are more predator and less Twilight vampire, I wouldn’t trust base invisibility.