Ranger Tracking - Enemy Players

Dim: 1 Server: 47
Zone: 0
Server: gs015-nj4.ageofconan.com:7021 (id:42 global:47)
UTC: Fri Dec 11 21:08:42 2020

Pf Proxy: Model=[Identity 51100:1043] GroupSelector=0 Subgroup=0 Difficulty=0 RunningPlayfield=[Identity 40016:22030652] GroupFinder=0
Version: Conan_v5.01.0@601839_ConanLiveWin32_2020
Revision: 601839

Tracking enemy players in pvp minimaps is not working, it only shows Friendly team members using the Tracking ability.


@AndyB this still isn’t fixed, any ideas or timeframe?

This is still broken, 9 months :slight_smile: any news?

Working as intended.

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Be quiet and buy more loot boxes… AndyB probably…

Still broken. @AndyB

Listen guys. you are not meant to be able to track enemy players in minigames.

Working. As. Intended.

Yeah the tracking mechanic was a bit of a Cheat against other players. Its a good thing it doesnt work.

Was the best thing to **** ** that ppl that always went in hide the whole mini-game…

This can be closed, it’s still broken but there’s no pvp on crom anymore :slight_smile:


Think you wanted to say: There is no pvp in Age of Conan anymore.

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Seems you dont have a toon on fury?

A handful of players hanging out in kop province dueling is not really noteworthy PVP

We miss you Spreadman. Show your face once in a while and you’ll see there definitely is pvp. Plenty of usb for everyone. All welcome to join in on the fight :hugs:

Your definition of plenty of pvp and Spreads are slightly different I think. But Spread tells me he misses you guys too.

Pah USBs will stay here forever. No chance they are going to leave. They will stay till the end of days. They want to be the only ones left on the Server so they can brag about how they are the Last PvPers. They are going to make Youtube Videos trying to prove it taking a screenshot and saying they are the last PvP Guild and how they are the only last True PvPers and how Pro they are and you all know how it goes.
They will never give up the satisfaction to do this so they can delude themselves and leave with a final false sense of superiority.

I can’t say this for everyone though. Gardi is a good guy for example.

I can already imagine JessieCC with his Ranger taking a Screenshot with quotes ‘‘Last one Standing you Landlubbers’’ with White Sands Sea as a background while dripping Water :smile:

But hey, who am i to speak. I am just a Forum Warrior. Although i can tell i enjoy this promotion.

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@AndyB Any news on enabling transfers again?

I do have a city and 2 toons still on Fury.
Dont log into them often, but the one time a month i check in its seems pretty dead to me.
Noone is signed up for mini games, and on player search i see very few people online.
They are parked in Khes though and i guess its not the more popular area anymore :slight_smile:

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Nah Fury is just the same 6-12 people fighting each other in the daily pvp zone.

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