Rank Armor for all


Just a tiny idea. 2 new Armor styles added to all Armors. Captain and Leader versions. Just same cost,defense and etc of that armor. The Armor style has small improve details to help locate Leaders and Captains.

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You have the wrong word in mind. The word you are thinking of is reek.

Nope. “Rank” is one of those words with multiple meanings, one of which is really smelly. :wink:

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like the idea, being able to put a captains armor on a t4 / named thrall, or a leaders armor on a thrall you are leveling up. over the rank ‘n’ file thrall protecting your base.

My version is the noun version of rank. You are mistaken the adjective version.

I was hoping you place Captain versions on players of your clan. Leader/Leaders wearing Leader versions of the Armors. Your thralls army wear the none Captain/Leader versions.

You can achieve something a little like this using the dye system. Some armors change their look quite significantly when dyed. It may not be quite the same, but it has the advantage of already existing, whereas the idea of adding additional mesh-versions of every piece of armor is DOA.

Also @Glurin nice one, that was my first thought on reading the topic title!


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