Rare horse for 200g

I found an NCP who is selling a rare horse for 200g but he says nothing about it. Has anybody got it? Any screen and is it good at something due to the price? Thanks.

Forget about it. It might have been good before Khitai, but now it would just be a waste of gold. :wink:

yes i have 3 of them on my main account from back in the day before wolf and tiger mounts,they were a swift mount but at the time they were considered the fastest mount purely because they did not drain your stamina/mana as that was where sprinting drew its energy from,but after a few years they modded this to the sprint bar/energy bar we now use… the great part about this mount was it drew no stam/mana at the time so you could happily sprint all the way across zone with out slowing down to regain your energy like you did on every other mount…sadly thou when they introduced the sprint bar and moved it away from drawing stam/mana it simply just became another swift mount reliant on the energy bar like every other mount taking away what was special about it other than the fact its a nice little quest that gives you the option to buy the mount at the end for 200 gold(bargain…lol)…its a poor tortured horse that has been abused and it eyes put out ect…you can complete the quest with out having to buy it…if your an AOC tragic like myself you will want it for your collection but these days easy enough to live with out as it is very costly…its grey in colour like the shop mount but with out the stupid looking armour plates on its head… i still use this mount as my DTs main mount and it does sadden me its not the great mount it once was due to an over sight when changing the way you use energy on your toon while sprinting now…yes the tigers and wolves are faster still but the little bonus of not drawing from your energy pool was its little bonus to owning…hope this answers your question

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Would love to have a horse worth 200g but what does it eat?

I never had it, so I was not aware of that ability. However, it must be said that the wolf was the same, before the energy revamp: Slightly slower than the tiger, but you could literally sprint forever.
Now all the mounts are the same, only difference is the chance of being staggered… :roll_eyes:

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what does it eat…gold

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