Rarity of crafter spawns, is making the game stale for me

I do not think a T4 crafter should always be spawned, but the 1/100 chance seems a bit much.

I have been trying to get crafters to spawn at the Galleon, so I set up an outpost there, and a greater wheel of pain. Fighters of course are always available because they are always spawned. A keep getting a lot of archers, however. I really don’t need more archers to spawn. The crafters seem to never spawn. I kill everything, dump off my loot, at the outpost, then go back and do it again. Over and over and over, and I am disappointed to see not one single armorer, smelter, taskmaster, etc…

I should correct this. A single Blacksmith did spawn in an area I did not expect. I was not able to save it from the sword of Crom that my follower has. So this brings me to another aspect of this. Actually two more aspects.

First, my follower cannot use a truncheon and a weapon. He is a follower, thus he should follow my lead. I should be able to direct him in some way, to either kill, or knock out NPCs.

And once an NPC is unconscious, I should not have to “fight” it to kill it. It seems really off that I have to keep striking and striking an unconscious NPC as if I were fighting it, if I want to kill it. I do understand that an execution style kill may be too violent in the eyes of the Devs, but a throat cut is not necessary in order to achieve the same goal.

So some suggestions are:

Slightly increase the spawn rate for T4 crafters. Not excessively so, but when you kill the NPCs at a location over and over and over, something should spawn. I don’t want to have to go 3 years before I see a specific crafter I am looking for.
Make knocked out NPCs disappear, just as if they were killed, thus creating an opportunity for a higher level to spawn in its place. Or…
Allow us to kill an unconscious NPC in one or two hits. It shouldn’t take a dozen hits to kill an unconscious NPC.
Add a function where the more that YOU specifically kill NPCs, the chance that you cause a T4 crafter to spawn, increases. When one does increase, that multiplier resets. This would be invisible to you. This allows you to set goals to actually go after specific crafters, and see more rewards for your efforts.


I play on official servers

I think this game is STACKED with T4, just go to sepermeru or asagarth i guarantee you 1 or 2 crafters for maximum each 3 times you do the run.

I also play on official. Yes, in Sep, I found many crafters. I have 4 Lead Drinker smelters. I have not spent much time at NA. I have been spending a lot of time at the Black Hand camps, and the Black Galleon. A recent video, a guy evidently using the creation kit, showed all the locations that the T4 armorers could spawn, which is a large number of locations in and around the Black Galleon. One NPC on the Black Galleon is ALWAYS an armorer. So I kill these things over and over and over and over, and I get depressed to see nothing but T1 to T3. It gets to the point that I feel exhausted, and demoralized.

I will also this. Even Sep has seen a decrease in the number of T4 spawning. It used to be that if I went in an killed everything, and went back, I was likely to see at least one T4. If I did this repeatedly, I could get many T4s. Not so anymore. Even here, I have killed everything 3 or 4 times in a row, and still no T4. So I think they changed the rarity of T4 to make them more rare. This did NOT make the game more fun and interesting. It is making it stale.

One thing that would help, however, is that you should not have to repeatedly hit an unconscious and unbound thrall. It is even more frustrating to go into a location and find everything knocked out. This happens because somebody is looking for T4s, and don’t want to risk killing a T4, so they give their thrall a truncheon, and knock out everything. Now you know you have to kill everything to do his clean-up work for him. But you also know this killing will be for nothing. You know the T4 thralls are gone. Why not allow us to kill unconscious NPCs with one hit. Seems off that you have to “battle” them while they are knocked out. This just makes it even more stale. Really un-fun grinding.

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I have to agree that the level of grinding for T4 armorers can be simply unfun. I enjoy the hunt, and it is rewarding to find the exact one you are looking for, except you may never find the exact one you are looking for. Even after countless hours. Take the Exile camps. There are something like 7 different exile armorers that can spawn along with every other type of craftsmen at the exile camps spread out all along noob river. I’ve farmed this quite a bit and got four T4 armorers, pretty good, except three are identical. Which means no new armor recipes. It gets to the point where you are either lucky or you aren’t and each time you go to farm it doesn’t feel like you are working towards something but rather just hoping to win the lottery. Not my preferred way to play. It would be nice if there was A, a server setting slider that could control the spawn rate for T4 craftsmen, and B an in game way to increase the chance of finding a certain craftsmen. For example, what if you could Bribe someone at each of the factions to be a “head” hunter and tell them at least which type of craftsmen you are looking for. This would then increase the spawn rate at that factions camp for duration of time. Something to that extend. It would give the payer more agency and at least make you feel like the grinding was worth it.

In addition, I completely agree that knocked out thralls should be able to be killed in a single strike with either a cleaver or skinning knife. I’m not fond of hacking at the ground a hundred times with an axe just kill an incapacitated npc.


Yes it is IF you play on a well-populated server. If you play on some small server or play SP they are much harder to get. Well, I play on PC so I can use mod to increase their spawn rate a bit. But I’m quite sure that we absolutely must have a slider in the admin settings to adjust Thrall spawn rate (more higher tier - more lower tier). We can adjust harvest rate, damage, XP multiplier etc. Why not this very important parameter?


Hear hear! The community has asked for this many times over, going back to early last year.

T4 hunting can be fun or a terrible grind. What makes things worse are players who leave a battalion of thralls at the entrances of thrall villages (Sepers, Asagarth, Mounds etc) all armed with truncheons. You find most or all of the populace knocked out on the ground. When they get back up, they are knocked back out immediately. This prevents respawn and the possibility of winning at Thrall Lotto. I consider this behaviour selfish on a public server.


I do this, but I add something. First, I do this at an outpost near the entrance. I get the NPCs to follow me to this group, and they get knocked out. Then, the thing I add. Off to the side, I have another set of thralls with weapons. I sort the NPCs that are knocked out to see if any are worth putting in the wheel. Any that are not worth it, I drag to the group with the weapons. So, when they wake up, the get killed. Sometimes I am nearby, and get to rob the dead body.

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Also, people can see what I wrote in the post just above this one, if you go to the #1942 PvE-C server. There is one unguarded gate in Sep. Just outside that, and to the right is a drab, but tall, sandstone Outpost, with a Ymir alter beside it. In front of that stands a group of thralls with weapons. On the other side of the outpost are a couple of stables, and in front of those are a group of thralls with truncheons.

If you are going to use a group of thralls to knock out NPCs, use that as a model for how to do it. Just sayin…

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