Rate of decay timer reduction four houses and blocks

Okay look , development team you may not care much about your game but the people who buy to play your game dose
There is a serious issue on especially player versus environment / conflict and player versus environment servers
Perfect example such as kratos of Sparta guild , on official server 3 7 3 7.
Build these excessively large places that cover up one complete whole map area, and every time players such as me who play on PlayStation 4 get lagged out and blue screened because of these players , like kratos clan they literally have a wall built clean across all of the maps if you go to build a building they will play small random blocks all around your area so you cannot expand
Players like this not only give it a horrible time four players who are new to the game who are trying to build up but also it just rubs server stability for PlayStation 4 players
I am not the only one who has this issue and this is a serious deal on all of the PVE and PVE conflict servers I mean this one wall goes clean around the entire Highlands every time anyone runs through the area they get blue screened
therefore I ask that you reduce the decay timer to a bare minimum and the rate of decay that way these people cannot maliciously maliciously block other players from playing or disruptive server stability seriously development team I mean come on get off of it you don’t care about your game but two people who buy it like me do show us how much you care about the game by stopping players like this disrupting game server stability I can give you a whole list of servers that this is taking place on

And on another note the same players who do this excessive building and maliciously planting separate blocks around other camp so that they cannot expand
This will go to show you the extent of their malicious game playing they even I’ve even seen it they just log in once a day for 2 minutes just to make sure their stuff does not decay even if it’s just one block by somebody else’s base , these players such as clan kratos of Sparta who place these blocks and build nothing itjust to make sure these players do not expand their base they log in at least once a day or once every few days to make sure they’re timer resets and
It resets the timer to those individually plays random blocks
that is why I asked you funcom to intervene because not only does this take the fun out of the game when you cannot expand your base because of malicious players but it also affects as I said before server stability because it is always lagging out because these bases are so big and it causes a serious leg because the processors are PlayStation 4’s cannot process it fast enough and it blue screens the games

Please put a stop to this malicious playing and also disrupting service stability and put a stop to this by either reducing the decay timer and the rate of decay and also putting so said players who do this malicious activity under a punishable offense because it disrupts server stability and player enjoyment

Look kids, this is how you make no-one take the rest of your post seriously from the first line.


Starting this way makes every valid point you have completly irrelevante in my opinion. it’s hard to motivate myself to read the rest of the text with such a negative and provocative intro.

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In my opinion, starting that way doesn’t matter. What matters are the points we all make.

Could you elaborate a bit with me? Would you mind cleaning and clearing your suggestion a bit more? I’m having difficulties to get the big picture. :slightly_smiling_face:

“Hey (provocative remark) move your truck. You’re blocking the exit (provocative remark)”

“Hey. I need to go to work, can you please move your vehicle?”

I think it matters how you communicate in nearly all instances of life… i’m usually the former and I get better results using the latter.

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thats your opinion and thats just fine for me. I stopped reading after the first sentence because I did not expect valuable content when someone introduce his concern and his person like this.

I’ve learned to read and interpret things from multiple perspectives, so I’m rarely offended by anything. It helps to put myself into the shoes of others. A useful problem-solving skill. :smile:

I don’t feel personally offended but i lose any interest in the rest of the stuff when a person introduce himself with ‘hi I’m a beeeeeeep:man_shrugging:

it the same with some suggestions I receive for my mods / addons like ‘what a shity mod why did you not…’ and thats the point I stop reading. first impression counts, especially if you want something from me.

Offended or nudged et cetera. Yeah, I understand.

doesn’t sound like it. i don’t feel personally disturbed or otherwise affected by it in any way. but my interest doesn’t arouse something like that either.

and if you want someone to listen to you and be interested in your concern, this is the worst imaginable introductory sentence.

I do understand. Been there myself. I’ve just grown out from that spot, in a way. I mean by this that no matter how negative or positive the intro seems to be (essentially, beauty of it lies in the eyes of beholder), what sparks my interest nowadays is thorough clean and clear concept. Then again maybe I’m just old or lazy to bother at things. :joy:

my time is too valuable to me and i think i will never grow out of it and start devaluing my own time :man_shrugging:

and if I miss something in the process… how cares

but I think we can finish here as well. actually I don’t want to push the post any further :wink:

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