Ratos from OS 8144, anyone knows them❓

I was in my way to check one of our outpost when a building decayed in front of me.
It was at Official Server 8144, PvE.
The player or clan is Ratos.
I do not know them, and I do not know if they quit or just were not aware of the change in decay time.
I am trying to save some of their lost, but it is just too much! I cannot carry fast enough before bags start to disappear.
If you know them please let them know we will try to save some of their items (they feel like hundreds of hours gathering and farming!)
Maybe on PvP I would not save anything for them, but this is PvE and I have already saved items for players I have met after they come back to the game.


When items are left in that state, it’s usually evidence of an admin wipe. While not all wipes come with a ban, it is possible this clan will not be on for a while to retrieve whats left.


Oh I bet money you would… returning? That’s different

If they were banned for breaking TOS I would just throw all that away. It I guess that is hard to know.

I wouldn’t save anything that decayed for another PvP player.
I guess it is a matter of carrying up only what you really need to take to your base and avoid getting killed.

A base that decays naturally, will have the items in chests drop into bags as everything in the base hits the 0:00 mark at the same time. A wipe disrupts the natural stability and timers leaving floating items with an active timer from when the player was last online, so they could remain there until the timer reaches 0:00. Test it out, use a repair hammer to check the timer on the chests, it won’t allow you to loot it until it hits 0:00.


Does that make it tainted loot? Loot is loot. If it’s not you, it’ll be someone else.


So, there is a way to know if they were wiped.
Thank you :vulcan_salute:.

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