Ravaged Lands 18+ RP-PVP

Ravaged Lands 18+ RP-PVP

You are one of many banished to the Exiled Lands; not the first, and certainly not the last. Found in the barren wastes by scouts from Desert Haven, you have been rescued from a slow death and brought to the medical clinic to be nursed back to health.

Rumors of a presence known as Omni are whispered across the land – some speak in gratitude of generous acts, while others curse Omni for its malevolence. Will such a power affect you in your struggle to survive, to either thrive in this place or escape from it?

As you strike forth from Desert Haven, it becomes clear that Omni has not entirely dominated the will of men. People build and trade; they gather together in clans or shelter away as recluses; they amass great wealth or survive as savage primitives; they make peace agreements or wage endless wars; they live their lives as they see fit, as much as the cursed Ravaged Lands will allow.

What path will you choose, Exile?

Find the server collection here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2014650553

Unobstrusive theme: you can play your character without engaging in the server-wide story arc and still find deep, enriching role-play!
Active, supportive administrators!
Donor perks!
Quest and role-play hubs!
No Purge! (Purge thralls to be available for purchase)
No Avatars! (No need to fear the wrath of the gods!)
No decay!

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Discord is required for full access to the Server:


Just wanted to give my review of the server so far. The server’s admin team is great which is extremely important and rare in my experience. I have not seen another server do this better. There are some beautiful builds and excellent RPers. The ongoing server plot lines have been fun and interesting so far without intruding on the player created stuff. I think there’s a lot of interesting factions and solo players but the more clan oriented groups need more members to flesh things out. With quarantine winding down it’s been slightly quieter, but picking up steam again.

The OOC aspect of the community is also top notch, hilarious, fun group of people. Definitely got more engaged and invested in my character than I was expecting, and haven’t been enjoying RP this much in a long time.

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