Ravaged Lands & Ravaged Lands: Divergence 18+ RP-PVP

Ravaged Lands 18+ RP-PVP ( – Exiled Lands Map
Ravaged Lands: Divergence 18+ RP-PVP ( – Isle of Siptah Map

These two maps are connected through narrative. There are measures in place that allow in-character travel from one map to the other! What path will you choose, Exile?

Within the Ravaged Lands, you begin your adventure being rescued from the cross by scouts from Desert Haven. Within this center for healing, you learn of a presence known as Omni whose nature – indeed, its very existence – remains contested. Is a spirit of benevolence or malevolence? Does it truly exist, or is it simply a claim of Exiles driven to madness? Once you register with Teriam and leave Desert Haven, your survival adventure begins.

Upon Divergence, conflicting magics have kept Exiles from the attentions of Omni. Formerly condemned in Argos and sentenced to exile in the Ravaged Lands, instead you find yourself the survivor of a shipwreck. Washed ashore and retrieved by the Castaways, you must convince Scupper Surtr to set you free from your chains. Only then may you begin your survival adventure.

Both servers share the same mod-list! No pesky reordering! Find the server collection here:

Two servers, one amazing community!
Unobstrusive theme: you can play your character without engaging in the server-wide story arc and still find deep, enriching role-play!
Active, supportive administrators!
Donor perks!
Dynamic quests and role-play hubs!
No Purge! (Purge thralls to be available for purchase)
No Avatars! (No need to fear the wrath of the gods!)
No decay!

Find us at https://discord.gg/dyYn6yg6gd !


Just wanted to give my review of the server so far. The server’s admin team is great which is extremely important and rare in my experience. I have not seen another server do this better. There are some beautiful builds and excellent RPers. The ongoing server plot lines have been fun and interesting so far without intruding on the player created stuff. I think there’s a lot of interesting factions and solo players but the more clan oriented groups need more members to flesh things out. With quarantine winding down it’s been slightly quieter, but picking up steam again.

The OOC aspect of the community is also top notch, hilarious, fun group of people. Definitely got more engaged and invested in my character than I was expecting, and haven’t been enjoying RP this much in a long time.


My review of this server is, it got me hooked in during quarantine, and now, even with it winding down, it’s been a joy and a pleasure. Small community, but personable and friendly people and staff, wonderful transition between IC and OOC, a high level of respect for both the fact PVP is toggled on and other peoples builds. It’s a lively, endearing place to be.
Would be even better with other players to flesh out small clans, but as it is, it’s a welcoming and interesting place to spend some time. Would highly recommend.


This server is fun, has an excellent community with play of player-made hubs to visit and RP in! The community is friendly and welcoming to new players, and I’m greatly enjoying my time with all there. Someone is always looking to RP as well, which is very nice.
There’s pretty often someone online, but more people joining would help bump up over all activity, which would also be great.


Are you even ready for the level of intensity I’m about to throw at you? Ya not, are ya? Lemme’ tell ya, it’s gonna be a great time! Let me take you on this friggin’ spacewalk with me, yeah? Fresh off the cross and just hatin’ all this ■■■■■■■ sand. Walking around, eating sticks and rocks, screamin’ for Crom to come and see me undone. It’s all I ever could ask for, truth be told! There I was! Alone, afraid, unusually nude; then some fantastically beautiful man came to help him out. By Crom, they were so beautiful. The stranger pointed me further north so that I might find myself wandering into the great city of Sepermeru! Naked, hungry, picking up rocks smash animals to death for food. I wandered this place for hours; Confused and alone, yet so very aroused! It was all I needed to find my way and becoming the greatest warrior in the land.

But, seriously.

The Community is fantastic, and I am happy to have found it. It is a place with great potential to be one of the best servers for RP. You ahead and think on that; while I go and see to stuffing another handful of bugs into my mouth to stay alive.


If you’re interested in joining a constantly growing community of wonderful people, look no further!
I’ve been really loving my time in the Ravaged Lands. Nott only has it been an incredible place filled with exceptional builds, but the opportunity for engaging and rewarding roleplay between players has been amazing. The players on this server have always been willing to help you if and when you may need it. Nearly every single one of them has been up for roleplay at any hour as well. There are wondrous player-created roleplay focal-points that the community often uses and rotates between, fostering an active world.
Even as the community expands, it has continued to feel particularly tight-knit and inclusive. An added bonus? The times that someone is not online and wanting to play with others have been exceedingly rare. Just as well, the community has become increasingly involved in helping build and flesh out opportunities to help al those within the server come together in some way with creative story arcs. If you’re looking for a place where you can get the whole spectrum of fun and silly, to serious and sometimes terrifying, this server is ABSOLUTELY where you need to be.

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This is a very special type of community. I could write a whole book of me gushing over the friendly people that have made me feel loved OOC and included my character in many MANY things IC, but i want to focus on one that just shows the type of community this is.

Shortly after joining, i had family issues to attend to. I had been playing for a few weeks prior and suddenly had to leave for a little over a month. I figured my character would be forgotten, and i’d have to restart from scratch all over again when i returned, but that was not the case. I reached out to the admin and they absolutely ran with it. My character was ‘lost’ and the whole server was out looking for her, the admin creating obstacles and trials that culminated into an amazing finale when i returned to be found once again progressing not only my story, but multiple other characters as well. AND i got to pick up RIGHT from where i left off. I felt SO involved even though i was unable to log in for over month, and i wasn’t even -that- prominent in the server before hand. The other players and admins just took the time to help a random player stay involved.

This is a special group of people led by a very special administration team. You will not regret joining.

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The people here OOC are amazing. The stories IC here are amazing. This server has an active, knowledgeable, and -nice- admin team. Everyone is respectful and friendly OOC. There are many player hubs and chances for RP, as well as an admin built bazaar and warp points. I enjoy every minute I spend on this server, and would recommend it to anyone interested in RP.