Ray throws been knocked out

Since when are we not able to knock out player thralls in a raid

Since the last hotfix patch…PC last friday, consoles starting today. Sucks i know.

So who complained and cost us to lose the fun in raidingThat’s the one thing I look forward to when I was reading not just the gear and stuff but the thralls

good question. More than likely players who have 100 thralls and don’t want any to go missing. Thralls should be expendable, but for some reason this game has attracted collectors of stuff over engaging pvp tactics on PVP servers. PVE and PVE-C, tht is fine. that is what those modes are for. But PVP should have higher resource turnover than it does.

I believe it was the simplest solution to certain exploits players were using.

I hope in the future they allow us to capture enemy thralls but they will have to implement an inventory reset when re-thralled to curtail any exploiting. It will then be a choice of thrall or gear when raiding.

Edit I also hope they balance the concussion damage to factor in armor rating. It shouldn’t be easier to KO thralls than killing them IMO.

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