Razma of Shem : How to enter his house?

How to enter his house ?

When I type E in front of the door ajar, it tells me that I miss the required object. But what object is required to enter ?

if you find the item you will know it is the one you need

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Except that I don’t have this item !

And I don’t know where to look…

you want to know where to find it?

I’ll go first and talk to Conan again.

The object is obviously a key, lockpick or a crowbar, try it with the first :wink:

Just a hint but not the solution:
Did you read the diary entries from Razma? They point you to the right direction.

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I don’t know what diary you’re talking about.

I keep all the notes that I find and that I can take in my inventory (in my personal chest), and I have none referring to Razma. If it’s a note or a diray somewhere, I don’t know where, what to find and read (and that I CAN’T keep in my inventory or a safe), either I didn’t find it or I don’t remember it.

If I find one, I often read it diagonally, quickly, I remember what is essential (not long), and the rest I forget very quickly.

And it’s completely stupid to leave notes scattered in a world of 53 km² and hope that all players will remember what they read a week or a month ago at a place they will remember even less !

We should have a diary of the character that lists and displays all the notes we found !!!

Was there at least marked on the note the name of Razma of Shem !??

Anyway, I know it’s a key, and where to find it, but it’s not thanks to a fuc-king paper (diary) lying on the floor or anywhere else that had to be found at a very specific place in a world of 53 km² (where I still don’t know where it is !), read it carefully, and record its content, or even write at home a summary of the diary with a sheet of paper and a pencil, or on Notepad ++ !!!

If you mention the entry of the diary of the journey, nothing tells you anything about Razma, and as the journey has only 3 entries, it is quite possible that it is not displayed at the very moment when I wonder how to enter this house !

Sorry I’m a little upset.

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Razma wore the Lemurian Mask and became the Witch Queen.
She also does all of the Lemurian Lore Tablets up in the north.

You can find all her notes and lore tablets on the map here: http://snowhawkclan.org/map/

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Razma of Chem

Spoiler ALERT.
If you don’t like spoilers do not read the following:

By the time Conan have arrived to the Exiled lands he found a pretty woman in a cross and he saved her life and gave her an axe. That was Razma of Chem. She was betrayed by her people and tossed in to the Exiled lands to die. After her meeting with Conan she begun to explore the Exiled lands and even found Sepermeru, where the exiled build a whole city. Then she went to east and found an ancient man’s city in ruins and there she was somehow forced to live as the Witch Queen. She may have found the mask and wore it turning herself in a possessed one (there’s actually no explanation about that in game). Well, someday you will eventually find her in her ruined city sitted in her throne. Then you’ll have to kill her or die. If you succeed she will drop her mask and a key. With that key you can open her house in Sepermeru and find her inside, as a simple woman and no longer as a witch. Good lucky with that.

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Thanks a lot.

So, indeed, I did not know these tablets, I have not visited everything yet. And that’s what I thought, you have to know the game and the world of Conan Exiles to know the story of Razma.

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Thanks too.

I passed through these ruins and even stumbled into the “dungeon”, but I did not do anything more. I was looking for the obelisk and when I found it I left without doing the “dungeon”. I’ll do it later.

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Well, tbh i never saw that in the Conan’s lore (mean in the movies and magazines). I have deduced or sort of, by playing. I’ve found some pieces of her diary around the map and just placed all pieces (knowledge about her and other things, plus the diary pages) togheter to have a very poor picture about wath happened to her. Its a huge world and finding all pages may prove to be a real challenge. You can find one piece of her diary in Sepermeru, near the temple of Set. Just find the temple and follow the way to the exit ahead in front of it (don’t go behind the temple; you will find loot there and a ghost). The piece is laying in the floor on the left side of the way, almost near it’s end.



Exactly !

Have you deduced anything good from the harlot journal entries? Or might that be in an upcoming dungeon? I know they give us a lot of ‘flirt’ emotes, and tell a good story, but I haven’t found a conclusion entry.

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I don’t know the harlot journal you talk about.

I haven’t found the diaries yet. And I haven’t done the “Witch Queen” dungeon yet.

I intend to find all these notes, diaries and tablets, and to reconstruct all the stories of the game, but it will take me a very long time.

I found a lot of emotes but I can not find them again easily, because I found them all by chance.

But thanks to the map of Mendrak it will be much easier !

I finally found Razma’s No. 8 diary not far from Set’s temple in Sepermeru. It was not easy to find : you can barely see a corner of a leaf covered almost completely by the sand, much like the notes of the guy (leaves also scattered around) who seeks to “tame” or break a “creature”, probably a darfari, lol. And each note brings an emote.

As for Razma’s diary, he does not say much. She has gone to search for ruins, a city in ruins and a secret room nestled in the heart of the rubble… These ruins are not located geographically in the paper, but as she talks about the “map room”, it’s probably the one in the Unnamed City and the Archivist (so in fact, nothing on the ruins in the jungle !).

She also speaks of gems… But not to spoiler, I will not say more.
Anyway, the Archivist has the answers.

Other than that, that’s all we can get out of it.

Now, I have to find the other 7 notes of Razma.

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I’ve found another entry in the Nameless City. You can find it in a small campsite going from east to southwest along the way. Enter the ruins by its east wall then follow the way to south west. You can’t miss it because there will be the only campsite with a fireplace in the ruins. There is another one in a big camp on the east side of the Black Hand’s ship: search around and you’ll find it too. If i find anymore i’ll let you know.

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OK thanks.

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