Razma's Journal pieces disappear on death



I had a piece of Razma’s Journal in my inventory. Then I died. When I retrieved my body, all my stuff was inside, except for Razma’s Journal. No, I wasn’t looted by another player, because I was the only player on the server.
I tried to find that part of the Journal again, but it seems it can only be found once in your life. Even after server restart, the piece was not to be found where I originally found it.
Is this a bug or intended?
The same happens with other pieces of paper, like Salaceo’s Instructions or the Black Hand Shanty. When you have them in your inventory when you die, they vanish.




Hey Timrath! :slight_smile:

Thanks for your question/report. I’m going to ask one of our designers and get back to you. Most likely this is a bug, but I’ll have a more definitive answer very soon.


Never had that issue.


I haven’t either (at least as far as I recall), but then I usually just toss all my journal pages into a chest first chance I get to cut down on inventory clutter.


Hi, Jens! Thank you for you reply. I know that you have your hands full at the moment with the halloween event, so no hurry.
This has happened to me 5 times now, it’s pretty consistent. Whenever I die while having a note in my inventory, the note vanishes, while all other items remain intact.


Are you playing on a server where your inventory stays with you when you die, rather than remain in your dead body? If so, then your situation is different. I think notes only disappear with standard death mechanics.


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