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Hi all,

My name is Raztec, and I like making video guides for SWL.

I will aim to post some videos here in days to come but for now here is a link to my page and you can see for yourself the type of stuff I make.

My Youtube Page

Next Video in the making: TBC - Vote in link below

Happy Gaming!


Basic Game Information

Basic Weapons & Talisman Upgrade Information Guide:

Basic Weapons Information Guide:

Basic Glyph Information Guide:

Auction House Exchange System Guide

Agarthan Cache

Museum Of The Occult

Signets (Starter Guide)

Anima Allocation


PvP Video Guides




Cycle of the Draug

Reanimated Wing

Local Legends of Solomon Island

Cult of Aten Wing

Fauna of Egypt Wing

Menagerie of the Vampires

Legends of Transylvania

The Spectral Realms

Children of Hell



DPS Build Gunslinger (Pistol + Shotgun)

DPS Build Assassin (Blade + Elemental)



Under construction *tapping of hammers in the background






Black House (Level 1 Sprint)



Something about the Hellspawn achievement that you missed, the other type of Succubus (not the Annexing Angel) that you find further up the cliffside near the motel share their spawn points with the Rakshasa. So you should do a route through the area that includes killing the Rakshasa since they have a chance to respawn as a succubus. Also, you said in the video that you need 5000 when you only need 2000. Just a tip for anyone looking. This was my final bestiary achievement and it’s a pain in the butt.


Soon TM…

Big shout out to HolloPoint for the art work:


Just uploaded the new DPS guide for Gunslingers starter deck, hope you enjoy it, be warned it is over an hour long.


Hey guys, I have a poll going for the next Build Video Guide, depending on which one gets the most votes I’ll make a video on that guide next, link is below:


Very nice. Everyone like videos, you keep doing good work:)


Here’s a little preview of what the next video will be about:


DPS Assassin Video Guide is now up and running.


Want to decide what the next video Starter Build Guide should be? Click the link to have your vote.


So apparently I did not know this, but older posts become locked after a time. This means I cannot update my front page when a new video is released which is rather frustrating.

With that being said the new videos will continue to be made (they just wont be in any fixed order as I wanted).

So I’ll add it via reply section for now, but the Youtube channel will have them all in appropriate playlists so you will never have to go looking for them on this thread.

The next video guide will be the Warlock Beginner Guide. Hopefully will be done in a couple of weeks.


A taster of things to come:


New video released today, enjoy.