RDB repair hangs forever

Whenever I run the RDB repair, after a minute or so the progress bar basically stops to a halt. This happened last week when SWL was still installed on a HDD, so I completely uninstalled/removed everything and re-installed on to a SSD drive. I run the RDB repair process again and the same thing happens.

I thought I’d give the benefit of the doubt and leave it running a while, it’s been three hours now. Oh and I have also excluded my SWL folder from antivirus scanning and running the patcher as administrator.

(Windows 10)

@Aeryl usually answers these questions (she really needs to get paid for being Funcom’s primary forum tech support). But let me give it a go. Sometimes the corruption is not in your local folder but the user folder.

A long time ago, I got this response from official Funcom support. It’s worked great so far. Please take note of the WARNING.



Thank you for contacting Funcom Support. This may be caused by a corrupted or invalid preferences or GUI file. To ensure this is not the case, I would like to have you reset your The Secret World preferences and reinstall the GUI straight from the server:

  1. Open Windows Explorer

  2. In the address/location bar, enter %LOCALAPPDATA%

  3. Navigate into Funcom\SWL

  4. Rename the Prefs folder into Prefs_old

  5. Temporarily disable your anti-virus and go to your Secret World install folder

  6. Under Data is a folder called “GUI”. Please delete this

  7. In your Secret World install folder right click on PatcherSetup.exe and run it as an administrator.

  8. When that completes please run the patcher normally.

  9. Locate and open the options menu

  10. Select “Repair broken game data”

  11. Allow the launcher to replace/correct any needed files/information

Please let us know if you continue to have trouble after doing this.
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Thanks for your support. I followed all the steps and the RDB repair is still doing the same thing. I’m stumped.

Hmmm. That might not have fixed the RDP repair option, but it certainly improved my in-game performance (FPS boost), which was the point of the RDB repair… I need to give it a while longer though.

Firstly, if you’ve reinstalled the game you should have a pristine RDB anyway, not something that needs repairing.

Secondly, the repair option isn’t there to fix performance issues.

Thirdly, if you’ve reinstalled the game, even after picking the “full client” option in the patcher, you will have background downloads that will cause severe performances issues when you enter new areas (indicated by a spinning icon on the right side of your topbar). When that happens, it’s best to wait it out. If your connection allows it, you can increase or uncap the background download speed in the menu or on the patcher.

Finally, despite being an older game and even when running on newer hardware, graphics settings should never be fully cranked up. The engine simply isn’t optimized for that. Effects Detail in particular should never be set higher than 3.8 or you’ll experience severe FPS loss in certain areas. Some people advocate setting everything to 3.8 or lower.