RE:Latest devstream foreshadowing of "special" gear!

During the last devstream, you foreshadowed new gear to be obtainable in upcoming new bosses within the Unnamed City. These would be identical to already existing armors but have special effects, naming “night vision” etc as the unique perks attatched to these items.
I love that you’re doing that

How about attatching those special effects to a applicable mod instead? Like a Damage mod or Armor plating mod that you can apply to whatever weapon/piece of armor that you wish.
That way we (in the rp community at least) won’t have to sacrifice our holy vanity for a night-eye blessing by having to equip a light darfari chestpiece while the rest of your preferred armor would be the heavy cimmerian armor, made for the cold where your base is located.

Thanks for giving it a read ^^


Ngl, I really don’t like the idea of night vision in this game.

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It already exists in the form of a potion belonging to the Jhebbal Sag religion, and it’s basically just…a little cat-eye effect from the witcher or night-eye from skyrim. Basically just a filter of contrast/brightness, nothing too special.

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I am okay with perks. But modding armor starts to move more to that fantasy genre, and as a survival game, some limitations on modding armor make it so yo have to make choices (or sacrifices) which is more in tune with a survival game. so haveing armor drops that are unique is a good compromise in my night eyes :slight_smile:

I’d call it more of a sandbox game, since survival is…Well. You really have to make an effort to die to the elements outside of combat in the game. With 30 vit you can survive any weather including the “devastating sandstorms” in the nude, and you can bunnyjump your way in heavy,noisy armor right up next to an antilope, and break it’s back with a hammer to gain enough meat to last you 2-3 irl days, and drink from any river or puddle.
This is extremely softcore survival.


Next patch is changing the NPC interaction, so we will see if that makes it harder for level 60. From what i heard, it has some good challenges now with the upped HP of set city, and the pets joining Asagard and Buccaneer Bay. Plus the elites…

You can put graphics to notebook mode. This has much better nightvision.

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Yeah, the game is a little bit too easy atm. I liked the balancing before the frozen north update came more. If you die to the environment you are doing something wrong.

Yeah I’m having an uneasy feeling that this will be yet another potentially-cool feature made functionally irrelevant by the stubborn “fixed stats armor” policy. AKA the “if you want to do this thing you HAVE to look like this” rule.


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