(RE-POST) Still no graphics update!?

There has been multiple updates since my first post on the subject, and yet the graphcs have still not been improved on the PS4, this is really strange since the devs are making more and more DLC’s but not really improving the game what-so-ever.

Since i play on PS4 (obviously) i find the difference in graphics in comparison to the PC counterpart VERY LACKING, maybe the dev’s should re-think what they are doing and at least give us a way ti ACTUALLY improve the gameplay, mainly because all the screenshots on the PS-store is from the PC version and not from the console version.

I bought this game thinking i would get a visually stunning experience and fluid combat, instead what is given is a lack-luster excuse that look NOTHING like the screenshots and trailers.

Wich leads us to this post, since i’m tired of this game not living up to what it could be, IS one the PC.

I have a PS4 PRO and still all i get is a game that looks like it was made of melted plastic (think the lowest quality on youtube but with an INSANE amount of blur added).

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