Re-spec penalty needed?

Hello everyone,

I have found that every time i need to do something i do a re-spec/mindwipe of my character :stuck_out_tongue:

This feels like having a spec at all is more or less useless… I would suggest that you put a limit in, so that you can only re-spec one time every 24h.

Maybe add a draw back when doing a re-speck. just don’t make us lose a lvl every time we do a re-spec :stuck_out_tongue:

What do you guys and girls think about this?



24h cooldown is not enugh… 7 days at least


Yeah, i just didn’t want to over do it on the first post about this :stuck_out_tongue:


may be only 1 per month? If someone can explain a problem to me -)


where is the fun in doing this? how would this in any way help players in beeig flexible and active in the game? in creasing the costs yes, making it so you need a stationary temple of some sort yes maybe but a cooldown just hinders gameplay. the curent penelty is allready frustrating as f***


There is no reason to have a build if you can just re-spec your character skill points on a whim.


There currently is no penalty?

If you are talking about having to make a small potion or set your point again… then that is not really a penalty in my eyes.

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I would also like to suggest making a tool tip in game to inform the player of a penalty if one gets added :smiley:

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Hm, if you feel that it’s useless, than don’t spend points and run naked. It can cost a little more, but there’s no reason to penalise people who forced to do multiple things during day, i don’t even talk about solid build theorycrafting

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It would be more like having all the point at any time. That’s how it feels. you just swallow a Lotus potion and then you can re-spec for what you need.

I always keep two potions with me, so i spec my character for running. Then i swallow one and re-spec for pve do the camps and then re-spec for running again. I can do the same with pvp! They are not catching me with the running build anyways!

It just feels like there needs to be a limit.

So what? Only one who can be unhappy with it are 5+ people clans who want small teams or solo players have less possibilities than them.

but this whole concept kills grouping, trading, player base diversity and any need for socialization because any one can be anything at any time… I can go solo farming bosses with str build, then when i am done i can go solo farming any resources with encum build and when i am done with that i can respec again and go exploring the whole map with infinite stamina from 5. agil perk or what ever… OH… players asked for sorcery? WELL THIS IS IT! We already have it…


You should have a balanced build for your character with a bonus the suites your class. I don’t think you should be able to use all the skills at the same time by just swallowing another potion… That brings us back to my previous point. then you could just have all the skills at the same time.

I might be saying this wrong, I’m talking about the skill points for your character. If you are talking about the building stuff, then i can understand that it would be frustrating for a solo player. Maybe they should separate the skill point reset potion with a different potion for resetting the building stuff.

There’s no trading mechanics in game and no-one advertised it, diversity issue is about Epimetreus, not ability to respec and do needed stuff.
This game is about concurrency and confrontations - everyone should have same possibilities and if someone decided to play lone wolf he should not be penalised for that.

No-one can use all skills at the same time, limits made for this. Having all in the same time - actually makes game 100% balanced, but it’s not a case and it’s not even close the same to having ability to respec

I think you are dead wrong on that point. If you are solo then you should have to trade with other players to get everything. that would be the best for the game and player community.

The problem is there is no limit, you can just re-spec. Then you can do the changes you need on the spot.

I’m not solo, but it’s not you to decide what should solo players do, and if game describes itself as sandbox it cannot decide for player how to play.

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Do you know why we have communities in real life? Because “lone wolf” life is sort of penalizing. Only some people could master several areas that would help them to survive and ofc in significantly smaller amount comparing to group of ppl. I am a “lone Wolf” player and it is ok to not have large base, or be able to dominate every duel, or gather infinite numbers of materials. And there is trading if you choose so - not pleasant, but there is. I trade Silk for tar or silver, bearer back packs for gold, legendary weapons for gold as well… So… respect at any time is stupid…


Yep, thanks for that. you are better at explaining my point. I totally agree with that.

I playing to do stuff what i do not do in real life, i do not run across freaking stone ship with fake-pirates looking for archpriest and do not kill people with godlike spear. If you want real life - shutdown whatever your hardware and get outdoor

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