Re-spec penalty needed?


I would even call using macros for respeccing an exploit. Because that way, people will never be vulnerable, even if they are intended to be. (When gathering with 11/20 survival and 50 encumbrance; rest elsewhere.)


What do you mean, thought macros were using stuff from the hot bar, and nothing to do with perks.


People were telling how people can respec in few seconds by using a macro. So they can instantly turn around and a vulnerability due to farmerbuild has been exchanged with posing a deadly threat due to fighting build.
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With an upcoming update I’m sure there will be an animation like someone pounding a shot glass to drink a potion thus eliminating the insta affect from the macro.


Good call, tho a blurry shader could be a nice add with it


The big issue with instant respec is that you don’t have a reason to compromise in your build. No one uses a hybid build, like you are supposed to. Everyone just has a few lotus potions with them at all time and respec as needed.

The game is clearly balanced with a hybrid stat build in mind. When you then use Lotus potions in the world to instant respec you break that balance by becoming a super strong fighter, super sprinter or a super mule!

You might as well not have to use a potion and just change your stat freely. I do understand that solo pvp griefers have a rough time warping there small brains around this… and it is clear that we have to agree to disagree but as you can hear for me it is frustrating to read how self centered people are.

I would at least like to have the choice on my server to limit respec. The current option is not good enough! I still believe that the game in general would prosper if you could not respec on the fly but there might be to many short sighted people in the Conan community.

There are a lot of good people here who agree that something has to be done to remove this free respec bug! To all of you, keep at it… it is the only way to get changes done! Keep the ideas going… some day an dev might answer :open_mouth:

Puh, feels good to get that off my chest :stuck_out_tongue:


Honestly the only reason the 50 stats glitch works is a really laggy base and a lot of spamming. And either fixing the server stability/lag, or limiting how many structures a clan could build are honestly the only fixes for that exploit that I see.

The lotus potion is meant to be used as a Respec to change to a different build for the given situation. Limiting it’s uses would make no sense rather then fixing the bug/glitch.

I know in ark they reduced the amount of mind wipes to once per level. But what happens when you’re at Max level? You have one Respec at that point and that’s it.

Limiting it’s use to a timer, whether it be hours or once per day, still would hinder the playstyle for raiding and after raiding.


The glitch will be fix and that is not the issue.

I agree that you should be able to change your build but just not on the fly.

That is why i think making it so you need to respec at a T2 temple would fix this issue. Macros for respec would be ok then but not op. you would have to fight with the spec you have and people would start using normal builds again.

It would also give you a reason to protect your temple and not just spam them on the map like a ■■■■■■!

Say no to superman respc builds… and for the love of the gods fix the bugs regarding 50 in all stats!

Can i see some hearts for this post please :stuck_out_tongue:


The problem I see with limiting any core mechanic to temples is what about Crom? Anyone who picks Crom is instantly screwed. Now you might say “don’t pick Crom” but then thats just you prioritizing your own PvP preference over anyone who likes the RP and lore aspect of the game.

PC Patch Notes (15.06.2018) Build 100728/18311

You idea was bad from the start. Do we need another repeat of sword coast legends? Were the funding dries up and the game dies. Or would you rather everyone quit exiles for ark. The harder it is to re-s pect the less online players you have.


The way the armor and attribute system currently works, adding respec penalties would essentially break the game.


It’s funny the Topic creator doesn’t know about the potion already penalty that was always in place. It has been there from the start.


That is just a bs statement. In ark you only have one respec and that’s it, so people are not leaving because they can respec in Ark. I came form ark and this game is a lot better but they have to adress this issue.

I dont think you will lose people just because you have to use a T2 tempel to respec at.

However, i do find it funny that some people think they are playing grifing the online game and dont want to lose there favorit stick. For some people like you it is so bad that you rage over it and just blast bad comments out like that.

You should be ashame of your self sir!


I strongly dissagre with that and you dont give any exampels of why you think that?

It would only make the game better, with the current amor and attribute system. People would start to use more balanced builds and this would open up for acturly having to play a classe when doing stuff in the world.

You should not ba able to do every thing wih just a click and a macro.


You can get all the tempels in the world, just find the priest and talk to him. That wil give you a second Creed, so you can build more types of tempels.

There is nothing wrong with having two diffreent types of tempels, if the first one is to hard to upgrade :slight_smile:


Except that by talking to a priest you’re changing your religion and no longer a follower of Crom.


Maybe it’s ue to me being lazy, but actually…
Currently (=since two days ago) I am roaming the world in some gatherer build; 50 encumbrance (flawless light exile+backpack), 20 survival, 30 vitality and 20 strenght.
But otherwise I am running around with I think 40 strenght, 30 vitality, 18 encumbrance (flawless light exile+backpack to temporarely reach 30) and 11 survival (flawless survival dress to reach 20th). Yep. I am carrying 2 or 3 sets at most. Depending on what I do though. Survival dress sits at “home” when I’m doing something else aside of farming.

Please take into account, that some players actually are using a hybrid build. (Pve-c in my case.)

Actually I think having to respec at some t2 temple/altar means no problem at all! It would solve those problems (insta respec) while not really reducing the capability to respec at all! Sure, we would need to build a few t2 altars/temples around the map, but that wont be that much of an issue… It would simply mean that if someone specs to a build which is weak at fighting, that this person would be weak at fighting. Every choice should be thought through.

And seeing how I suggestions horrible costs, while letting the potion stay with the way it works… That was a dumb one. Once that insta respec got into my mind, I perfectly understood why t2 temples would be a good idea. You might ask why not t1 temple?
Because people would always carry one and in case of an emergency drop it to respec. Leveling up to lvl 2 requires materials and lots of time, so t2 is a legit suggestion. Plus as for pvp, having a respeccing altar wont tell about your place…

But maybe, just maybe:
A new station, for respeccing only. It should stick at 1 to 100 HP, so it would die in 1-2 hits. In there, you would be able to craft the potion, which then spoils in a minute.
Reason? The potion is currently craftable at lvl 15, but the t2 temple not only requires a ton of additional materials, but lvl 20 as well.

Feat points being reset as well is no penalty, it’s just a nuisance. (Which I am too lazy for…)
If instarespeccing (meaning automatically setting stats to a certain build in the first second after having drunk the potion) wasnt possible, maybe the potion simply is too cheap. Making respeccing a base-requiring-thing sounds “penalizing” enough to me.

Though we only practice polytheism. We dont change religions, we add one.


What does a player do if they want to respect before reaching a tier 2 temple? What should they do if they have not temple or choose to avoid the religion in the game?


You forget it’s stack size. 1 potion stack. Coughs that the in game penalty. To forever have a stack size of 1.

For any none coders out there. In the conan exiles there is a limit inventory. Most players will never reach it. I reach arks limit. With dinos it was easy.


People used more balance builds if stats were balance. Also if archery didn’t suck.