Reaction to "suggestion"

Where can I see the Funcom reaction to the “Suggestion” section?
People create and discuss very gorgeous topics. But either of these will be realized / done / planned, etc.?

It is also interesting where you can read about the change in the number of Thrall? (now 50, and how many will be in the plans?)

The team have noted that they do read the suggestions section, but they intentionally do not respond to those topics, so as not to skew what happens or appears there. I think there was an official posting to that effect, I will have a look for it when I have a sec…


Thanks, I’ll wait. If it’s not difficult for you, then indicate the source (s) where to keep track of current news information.

I did spend a bit of time searching, and couldn’t find the specific post I was thinking of (may have been some time ago). There is a small chance that I may be remembering something that was said (in a stream or discord) rather than a post…

One mod response I did find was in Does any developer even read this?


In future game updates, really. They don’t participate in discussions (letting developers and customers talk to each other is a recipe for disaster) but they do read the Suggestions forum, and if something is popular, they’ll make it happen sooner or later.

A good example is Mounts. They had already buried the idea as too difficult to make happen, but people kept asking, praying, demanding, coercing and bribing with chocolate until Funcom decided to do it anyway.


Otherwise, streams -for the few suggestions that they are able to give an insight on- and afterwards
:books: Upcoming features (see also the “Stream summaries” tab)

You should read both below thread and the one linked on it. tldr; exact numbers LATERTM

Social media and discord for news.


Thank you for the answers! We will wait for the implementation of many “Suggestion”!

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If something is popular, and/or meshes well with the direction they want to take the game in anyway. Which is obviously as it should be, but an important distinction IMO.

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Well, yes, of course. Even if we suddenly got a huge deluge of suggestions that Funcom should add elves and orcs, or anthropomorphic ducks and mice, to the game, it’s unlilkely that such features would be added.

But mounts were already an example where they kinda changed their mind based on popular feedback. Yes, it was originally in their plans, but the impression I got was that they had sort of accepted that mounts would not become a reality.

Hmm… if not anthropomorphic mice, maybe we could at least anthropomorphic mounts? I want one of these:

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Sorry, best I can do is this:

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