Read if you are afraid of being banned

Just reported a server with screenshots and everything of brimstone being spammed, let’s see if Funcom do anything

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The reason it’s neverending is the entry point or process is unknown. FC is pretty good at closing gaps and fixing exploits, but they take time to recode properly. Some aren’t simple fixes, either, since the code may affect other portions of the game.

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well my whole clan got banned for not blocking any resources sooooo……


we actually spent the last couple of weeks making sure we where following the rules but we still got banned. probably didnt even look at our server and just went off of old screenshots

Couple of weeks??? The rules were just listed last week…


sorry time is skewed. but that doesnt make it better. we where cleaned up. but still got banned. and we did it in a week apparently

Nosotro fuimos baneado por denuncias falsas hoy estan partiendo nuestra base se juntaron 3 clanes de francese para echarnos y loan conseguido alludados por los moderadores del juego

Yup, I have a friend on a server that had an issue with something one of their clan mates built. Granted, this was about 5 months ago, but another clan took a screen shot of it. The issue was dealt with about a week after it was build, and it was changed.

That screenshot that is 5 months old would be enough to get that clan banned, and 7 of the 8 in that clan had no idea what happened. For this reason, my friend was worried sick that they were going to get banned if reported, even though they handled it themselves, and months ago.

Kinda damned if you do, damned if you don’t situation.

I just want to ask.Luring world Boss to player base is legal game mechanic or lead to ban?

:white_check_mark: @Tera It’s legit.

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If there are old screenshots, you were doing something wrong m8

No hay moderadores en los servidores oficiales. Si te banearon estás bien baneado.

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there where no rules before so it wasnt wrong. mate

where do you get the info on banning just from pictures? Or are you going on word of mouth or guessing?

Well, how do people submit proof now? Screenshots.

And are you certain that Funcom doesn’t go and check the location in-game before wielding the Banhammer? Yes, screenshots are how people provide evidence, but that doesn’t mean Funcom acts based on only those screenshots.

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And after that, from what i understand, they will check the server themselves. At least i would hope that, because photo-shop is too easy. That is why there is a “disclaimer” stating false reports will be punished as well, to prevent making them go thru the steps when there was no reason to.

They have thousands of servers, and cant watch them all. Funcoms words. Look at how many threads have been started, or comments from players saying “So and so is building this, can they be banned?”

I said the number of reports will be going up drastically from this, and you think Funcom will go onto servers to check them? Id be surprised if they do…since you know…WEVE ASKED FOR THAT FOR YEARS TO DEAL WITH UNDERMESHERS and got nothing.

Its just comical to me that someone complains on a pvp server “they are blocking the brimstone” and that clan can get banned…and for years weve submitted undermeshing evidence on clans and got nothing. Whats truly the priority?

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I just went and re read the new rules. Doesn’t state that at all.

Correction, they MIGHT step in with disciplinary action on false reports.

Anyone can make a legitimate report on anyones base, buildings, land claim etc, and call it spam, blocking resources and preventing people from traversing the map.

I believe that falls under analyzing. I really doubt they are just going to word of mouth it. You may think so, but then again you seem obtuse to logic on this subject in general and dug in to not have punishments.

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