Ready for a sequel, like yesterday

Sequel wish list::

  • Love having unique NPCs with dialogue, banter and personality, would hate to see it go but,
  • Being able to create your own voiced mutant or human stalkers to add to your team would be fantastic
  • Like the branching skill tree - neat if tied to initial character creation [e.g. physical and passive traits/quirks you select]
  • Random encounters traveling between zones (ala Baldur’s Gate / Fallout 1 & 2)
  • Extended end-game (some zones repopulate and scale based on player team’s average skill level)
  • MOAR unique death animations tied to weapon used / type of entity/mob killed (ala Crusader: No Remorse; Fallout 1 & 2)
  • MOAR destructible environments (took Firaxis a while to get it right, so maybe by MUTANT 3?)
  • MOAR GUNDESS signs (arriving at Ark first time made me go into the fridge and pull out a similarly named stout brand before heading back out to check on that Hammond wunderkind guy)
  • MOAR witty banter during combat/kills/etc.
  • MOAR changes to character models based on mutations [Love it that equipment is reflected on them - first time I put on the sunvisor & vest I discovered I squealed - but was hoping to see minor mutations reflected too…though the animation of purchasing a mutation is still dope]

TBH it would be enough for me if they added a ‘xcom’ like sistem with the elder giving missions to recover artifacts or avoid bad stuff happening in the ark that would give debuffs to the player. For example 'find me some pipes or no water in the ark and minus one HP till you do. And random encounters on the maps with non-scripted battles. One could play those missions while progressing with the story. A deeper rpg experience by making levelling up take longer and few tricks like that. I don’t care about character creation, those characters are fine as they are for me. I don’t think the game needs a lot of work done, of course I’ve no idea how difficult technically would be to implement these suggestions as I haven’t got a clue about making videogames.
And of course the possibility to trade in and of using skills outside combat.


Love the idea of randomly generated elder quests to keep the game going after the storyline is completed as DLC until we get ability to make NPCs. I love their unique personalities and banter, but being able to tap the possibilites from the Mutant table top game to add a little more customization would be epic.

Wow though, you did not enjoy making your own characters in XCOM? I had iconic pop cultire icons (B.A. Baracus, Ellen Ripley) RL friends & family (that unfortunately I did try to keep alive but ended up going up on the memorial walls, and of course a custom char named after myself. Just makes it a little more personal, though I admit the gang from Year Zero endeared themselves to me 3 mins into the game. Literally.

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Oh I did like it, I role play in games. I just tend to role play a character, not make up one. In xcom my crew would be movie or book characters as well like John McClane (nickname ‘Roy’ of course), Ripley (I think we agree that is hard to find a better char in sci-fi…), Sharpe (mean and impulsive assault)… But in this game the char is made already so I roleplay them. Dux for example tended to stay back and would take risks only to save Bormin, not so much the others, h strikes me as a very reluctant hero. Bormin would step in front of a bullet for anybody and so on. Funnily enough never occurred to me to use RL chars or myself.
Not that I think yours is a bad idea, far from it, I just went for the ‘lowest possible wishes’ if you know what I mean, cause I imagine that if they try to stray too far into detailed RPG the risk is to try to tackle too much. Definetely I would love if they went full bioware on this game, as long as they don’t go straight to Andromeda of course.
And while I’m more of a ale type a good stout does hit the right spot too…

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You are a fellow geek after my own heart. Cheers man!

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I miss the RTS element in the ark that the original game have.

ahahah thanks daigoji_gai I wish I was a good geek but I can’t, between kids and work the few hours I can get playing games are all I can get. I did have bit of a run at D&D in the early nineties though, college times, it was a blast. We weren’t even getting too wasted while slaying evil… The DM was very good (considering my limited experience that is), a neapolitan fellow who would crack us up with his theatrics. Loved it. Then real life kicked in… But I’m trying to make up for it now :slight_smile:

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It must have been very interesting. Is there a morality sistem like in D&D or is it all ‘grey’?

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what i miss was desisions and permanent one!