Real attachement points, not whole attachement sides

There are a lot of items - like torches, banners, etc. that have only a small real, optical attachement point, but need a whole attachement side.

It follows that you cannot hang a banner from a bridge, if it isn’t high enough for the banner, you cannot attach a torch below a window, etc. It would open up cool possibilities if it would be possible to attach items right.

Could you provide screenshots of what you feel it should do? If nothing else you are giving me ideas for my LBPR mods, but having some screenshots could help clarify (at least for me) what you would like the system to do (examples, etc).

I think what they’re meaning is having placeable items attach at a smaller (realistic) area (like banners attaching from the support at the top, allowing them to cover an opening below - instead of requiring a full wall to attach to)

the problem with this, though, is that the smaller the object, the more difficult it is to remove/move.
Is there a way to make smaller the placement point, but enlarge the area required to interact with the object?

Hypothetically, if you were to open the dev kit and look at any placeables, what you would find is several invisible boxes that drive placement. One of which is the placeable box itself, but there others that impact how it’s placed. Now which of the various boxes control interactivity? I’m not sure, if I were to make a guess though it’s the mesh collision that drives it, rather then the placeables box.

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