Real Named thralls spawn rate

It seems the fully random spawns are the ones with highest chance for named. So if you want named, any named… go for the exiles and lemurians

Congrats alex !

As many of us were suspecting, the pirate ship has the worst rates.
And despite the fact it’s the place where the greatest number of named can spawn, it is still very long/ hard to get a lvl 4, except named fighters.
And speaking of fighters, it would be nice to compare their spawn rate with crafting thralls at the black galleon.

see ya mate


I added named fighters and archers, expect thralls that spawn 100% like Freya, Lian, Thugra and so on.

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awesome work!
Seeing those numbers, I’m glad I got most of my desired thralls by now except 2-3!

Are you sure Rokur the Alchemist actually spawns at the sandward tower? (I think he can not spawn at the spots in New Asgarth) and at the Sandward-tower spot I had an empty spawn once, like with Njoror battleborn pre-patch, same goes for Beri at Freyas Hovel, haven’t seen her in New-Asgarth either since the patch, aswell as not a single Nordheimer T3 Priest, would you mind doublechecking these? :slight_smile:

you will know by the camp-symbols on the map :slight_smile:

Rokur is broken. Rows are missing in the datatable, I already posted a fix topic for him and some other broken thralls : Thrall missing and fix solution

Beri spawns as intended, not only at Freya Hovel, you can find her in New Asagarth close by the smelter. I confirm that T3 Nordheimer priest also spawns.

@Tascha can you pin this topic please? :blush:


Well, I was working on something like this too but with just names of the NPC’s and whether they spawned or not. This is far more info then what I was working on, nicely done as always :smiley:


Thank you mate. :wink:

Thanks again! :slight_smile: Will keep on looking then :slight_smile:



Thank you Tascha. :relaxed:

I’d really apreciate all the effort, time and patience you had had for doing that topic! Me i don’t have them time nor patience to do that myself. It’s a high level research. Regardless, we’ll not have means to enjoy the information since we as a small clans or lonely players will not have the chance to keep killing and waoting for them thralls to respaw because it will surely mean death for us: i’ll give you guys an example: before, when i needed a named thrall i had just to wait for the alpha guys gone sleep, then i could hide a small wheel of pain and with some lucky, they would eventually miss it so i could have my thrall; now, since i need to keep kiling low level trhalls forever whyle hope for a named spawn, i have no window to try that or the big guys will find me or my wheel and you all know what that means by now… So again, thank you Funcom for your great job ruining my gameplay…

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This thread has been super helpful and it helped us adjust a few things. Thank you!


… while not strictly on topic. I very happy now that I finally have my Njoror Battleborn!

also I like the more random spawns… and no more guaranteed crafter spawns in the volcano.

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My pleasure. :blush:


It seems way harder to find lvl3 or named blacksmith, armourer and alchemist. the spots that used to have that type but random levels seem to be gone and only random spawn points now.

If there is a place to grind for either of those 3 anymore please let me know.

I don’t. As i said above it is ruining my gameplay. I’d play solo most of the time and it was easier to have at least 5 named thralls from the volcano area: Secas, the blacksmith, Iris (tanner), Sayd (alchemist), Enys (cook) and a named taskmaster (wich name i can’t remember now). It was easier because i could place a hidden wheel of pain inside the volcano so i could have some good t4 thralls to boost my production. Now i still can hide that wheel but i must keep killing lower level thralls untill a named one spawn and that demmands alot of time wich i don’t have and is extremely dangerous because anyone from them “alphas” can find me doing so wich means death and destruction for me. And there’s more: when i got raided i will certainly lose my named thralls and i’ll have to start all over again to find other. All that only means i’ll have to spend six times the ammount of time it was needed before to have named thralls again. I can’t say for you but for me it isn’t exactly fair.

So were the named alchemists fixed or are they still broken and not spawning?

the alchemist at the mounds always worked fine, I think he#s the only one who can spawn atm