Realistic ecosystem

Wow, SimEarth. I vaguely remember that one. Don’t know that I ever really got into it though. Think I mostly just clicked random things. I used to play the other sim games quite a lot though. SimCity, SimFarm, SimAnt, SimTower, SimCopter…

Dang it, now I’m feeling that nostalgia urge to play some of them again.

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Division 2 has an awesome system called “targeted loot” where certain items rotate to different zones daily forcing players to change their farm locations everyday. This makes farming less boring and makes you experience more of the world.
The way I would like to see this implemented in Conan Exiles would be:

  • NPC spawns like T3 and T4 should have maybe 2-3 different locations set everyday, from the 50+ camps we have, with an increase spawn rate.
  • Increase harverst rate for ore or skins in a certain areas of the map. The game can just check your location and boost your harverst.
    The same could be for XP, chest loot.
    Even the surge could have higher rates for one of the three ley shrines, for a day, then rotate with the other 2.
    The Map UI could be enhanced to inform players with the daily boosted farming locations.
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