Reality Check for Funcom and the Community

People are upset about Vathis being removed for different reasons. The simpler folk are just salty they lost something.

The more experienced folk are upset because it sets a precedence that Funcom can just ‘RetCon" things out of existence without even announcing it. (they announced it in the end after much exposure in no small part thanks to ZeroG’s contribution, but had ZeroG not exposed Funcom, they would have just silently removed all the Vathis’, gear and all)

Conan Exiles is a notoriously inflexible game from a development point of view. Players feel compelled to lash out at a practice that could have been handled better had Funcom been more flexible or lenient about it.

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Ahhhh ok cheers for the info

'NotAlwaysSoFun’com has the fundamental problem of ‘knowing their audience’…in this case their customers. Too little too late?

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I find myself agreeing with much of what you are saying.
I agree that how FC responds to issues that affect it’s playerbase is huge.
If FC starts arbitrarily punishing players for their own failings, you are right it becomes personal really quickly.
I believe FC is currently alienating many players by not fixing the basic stability issues that cause players to lose materials and items due to server crashesor other issues(like logging back in and being naked because all of their hard earned items disappeared after log off.

I hope FC changes direction and starts respecting their players and their time, and fixes the game so that they can enjoy the game without feeling abused because they have again lost items because FC refuses to fix basic stability.
If they do this they will retain far more players than if they follow their current course.

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I can’t argue against peoples frustrations that things aren’t being fixed at a faster pace, but acting like they aren’t being fixed is demonstrably false


As I have stated multiple times on my posts I anly am on PS4 and it sure doesnt look like they are successfully fixing the stability issues.

Based on my recent experience they may even have gone backwards after this latest patch as the game seems to be crashing more.

Please look at the multiple recent posts about basic stability on the PS4. Clearly there is a problem that has not been successfully addressed…

I’m not denying there are issues, just stating the fact they FC has been quite busy squashing bugs and improving performance. I’m sorry you and others have been having issues, here’s hoping they clear up soon. Just keep chipping away at those bug reports if you find yourself sticking around with the game.

I dunno I stopped reading in the 2nd paragraph because it sounded like some bull stick excuse for cheating. Did I miss something? Because theres only one solution to cheating and that’s banning the crap out of the low life scum that do it.

I believe we need to nuance the discussion. There is a difference between cheating which means modifying the code or doing something that alters what FC has published.
I completely agree that anyone who “cheats” should be banned.
However, playing the game to a players best advantage without any alterations to the code FC published is simple human nature, this is definately not cheating.
Any changes that FC makes like deleting thralls that they mistakenly allowed to be tameable, should be compensated with a comparable item.

FC has to take responsibility for the code they publish. If they make a mistake, they must respect the time players have put into taming that thrall etc. Respect the players time and own what they publish.


Actually…it depends. Some exploits are played out without altering codes. Using exploits is against the rules of play per ToS.

Is there an example we could discuss? I have a hard time with what you are saying and would like to understand your position.

You would need to take that to private messages with Shadoza if they were willing to discuss in detail privately. as it is against the community forum guidelines to discuss exploits. And that can extend to past now fixed exploits.

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Not too long passing, there was the ability to build under the mesh by doing a specific thing (cannot provide details as that too is against the rules.) While the players that were doing this thing, using the glitch were not changing the codes of the game, they were taking an advantage to a known glitch by building and placing items below the terrain where it could not be raided.

Some times there is a specific way to cause the game to do something that was not intended to happen by performing actions in a certain way at a certain point. This causes glitches to happen, which allows that player to have an advantage over other players that the game did not intend.

It is really difficult to set examples where defining exploits is not permitted.

OK Thanks, I was unaware of this specific rule.

Here we go:
A different game (not a Funcom game) there was a dungeon that looped back so that the entrance and the exit were close together with a wall between them. A player could enter the dungeon, a few steps into the dungeon entrance they could turn toward the wall and attack. The attack caused the character to access a tear in the wall mesh and cause the game to believe they were in the exit area. The game would declare the dungeon completed and reward the prize without the character having to go into the dungeon use resources, mana, heals, and the like, and fight the final boss. The game allows this to happen; however, it is a glitch and doing this is considered exploiting the game.

My friend was Beta testing a game that has not been released yet. He sold the wrong item to a vendor, realized his mistake and used the “undo” button to reverse the sale. He realized he received the item back and still kept the money that was given for the item. This practice could be repeated by a player (if it were not reported) until the player held a large sum of currency. The game does allow it, but it was a glitch as the money should have been returned to the vendor. A player, had this gone live, doing this would be cheating, exploiting a glitch.

There are many, many other ways to exploit glitches, but my point is it is cheating. Even though the game allows it.

Thank you for the explanation. So I think I see part of our difference of opinion. I only play Single player, as I do not like PVP.
You obviously play with other players and possibly even PVP.

I live and play in a world populated by myself, perhaps a friend who is joining me in COOP, and some NPC’s. I don’t want to do anything but play the game the way I want to and make my own story in game. My world and story affect no one else.

I surmise you play on a shared server where players compete for advantage against other players, and these sorts of issues have real impact.
I choose to not play on this type of server because it is too much like my regular job.

In retrospect this is also why I loved RDR2 single player but quickly passed on RDR2 online.
Finding the balance between the 2 very differnet play styles and worlds is definately a challenge.

In truth, I play mostly Solo/Co-op in this game. I do play online occasionally but not often.

My experience with PvP and online gaming comes from playing PvP in other games. When it was done well, I loved PvP. Player vs. Player; none of the 1st person grouped shooter stuff that comes along now.

Solo/Co-op players do not have to surrender their thralls. They can keep the special ones. Seriously some of the untamable thralls can be admin’d into the game via the admin panel. If the game crashes on you, you can admin the stuff back to yourself. Not a fix for the crash, but a work around until Funcom gets it figured out.

I disagree that either of the examples be considered cheating. It certainly is something I would expect to be fixed ASAP, but I hardly consider this cheating.
Just like people who utilize legal but technical means to minimize their tax burden. It is the responsiblity of the issuing agency (FC or Congress)to issue the code or regulations in such a manner as to get the effect they want. If some folks find a way to work within the published regulations but to gain benefit for themselves, even if it is outside of the “intentions of the publisher”, it is allowable. Like many a judge has said, it is not important what the intent of the law is, but rather what the law actually says.
FC and congress need to do their jobs properly, if they miss something and some folks can gain advantage by being creative , it is up the the issuing agency to fix the issue . You cannot make someone else pay for your ineffectiveness or mistake…

I hope I have accurately expressed the nuance required for the arguement to be properly explained. I would never condone cheating, but I also cannot condone organizations not owning their own mistakes. Whatever entity makes the mistakemust bear the cost/inconvenince of the mistake, no one else.

We will have to disagree. I think I cannot explain my position more.