Really? Can we fix the really bad bugs

Good morning everyone,
does anybody find it strange that we have major problems in the game yet we are just continuing with a new age and a new battle pass? I haven’t seen or heard anything in the attempts of fixing the elderium glitch, you can still use a conversion trap to summon a Purge on somebody’s base? I am currently viciously getting attacked on a pvec server and they only attack my base with summoning a purge using the conversion trap. I know this is a problem in 7089,7053 2509 is this a problem in any other service?

No that is SOP.

Welcome to Conan.

Might aught to edit that post even well known exploits are not forum subject mater.

So if someone has access to your trap, he is able to summon purge for you?
Is that what i just read?

No. I probably shouldn’t explain it, so I won’t.


You do very correct @tobbiusness, because if there’s an exploit about it, i really don’t want to know. I hope the new update mechanism will remove this exploit.

I know what you’re saying. Imagine i made fully detailed bug reports on some heavy exploits - duping and converting some dungeon bosses into followers, using gods to destroy bases on PvE servers, and being shoved -off by zendesk. You can even find some of these exploits on youtube and they still work. I don’t know what Funcom is doing, but it’s the wrong path for a live service.

Some players will have a field day with Dune, when it launches.

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