This is getting ridiculous Funcom, every weekend there is something and we have to deal with GM’s at funcom stating they need a weekend. Is this on purpose. This is a high playtime for most people and yet every damn weekend something breaks we don’t hear from you and if we do we are disturbing your weekend. I never get on the forums but I am getting fed up. I payed for a game to play and lately its been unplayable. Fix this DAMN.


Yes again and when u can login you cant join the servers because u get the endless loading screen and if u can join the servers u get dissconected every 10 minutes.

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Ive had a lot of “cannot login to funcom live services” error, or my server at ping 9999 (have to leave and join multiple times to get it working because there is no refresh server list button), or infinite loading (on pc, official server, EU) in these last two days.

There are still major issues. It wasn’t just the authentication issue, it wasn’t just playfab.

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